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I have lived in California 24 years.   I have been taking photos here on the Central Coast for some time.   I have never seen whales.   If I'm in Cayucos, someone sees whales in Avila.   If I'm in San Simeon, the whales are off Morro Bay.   Today I drove to the coast because the forecast called for big waves.   I was heading down Highway 1 to stop at Cayucos when I decided to pull over at Estero Bluffs and walk a little ways.   I had never stopped here before.   Ever.   

A few surfers were coming up the path, saw me with my camera, and commented on all the whales putting on a show.   Oh boy, I picked up the pace and found a good spot to stand with my camera at the ready.   It was a beautiful blue sky, big waves rolling in against the rocks, and the wind blowing in my face.   I saw the whales.   I saw them.   With a 300mm, you can't capture the detail, but you can sure try.   And I did.   You know what's hard about photographing whales?   You don't know where they are going to breach.   

There is a man who photographs the area from a boat.   I don't know what type of boat, maybe a whale watching tour boat.   He commented on Facebook that he and his captain have a combined 55 years working off the coast and have never seen so many humpbacks as they've seen the past couple days.   

I can't explain how happy I am to have seen these magnificent creatures.   To see them up close off a boat must be the thrill of a lifetime.  

If I go back tomorrow, will they still be there?   


TexWisGirl said…
so very, very cool! congratulations!
Rain said…
That is truly wonderful !!!
I know what you mean.

I love to watch for the dolphins as I drive over Tampa Bay.

Lived in Tampa almost 30 years, and have managed ONE dolphin tail in all those years.

Comfypjs said…
Awesome! I saw sprays at Whaler's Cove in Point Lobos a few weeks ago. I would have been thrilled to capture what you did! Or one breaching would have put me over the edge of ecstatic! I hope you go again!
This N That said…
I have gone whale watching throughout my lifetime whenever I could. It's just an amazing experience. So happy that you were there to see them and got these pictures. Hope you go back tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.
Ida said…
How thrilling that had to have been. Your shots of the whales were great. I'd like to see them too.
Lynne said…
What a thrill . . . I can't imagine . .
Daryl said…
but with a 300mm you can crop ... go back maybe they will be there ... if not i am sure there will be wonderful waves to capture
Oh, seeing whales of any kind is just a pure thrill. Lucky you.
shirley said…
Oh, how cool! You should definitely try to get on a boat to see them closer - even a tour boat!
C-ingspots said…
They really are magnificent aren't they? :) Often times when I've seen them, I find myself all choked up and simply in awe of them. Such a gift to view them in nature! I've seen them a few times on our coast, at a town called Depoe Bay. We have greys and humpbacks that are typically seen. Happy for you!! Oh, and a simple tip to spotting them is to follow the birds...they always know.

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