Sign on the Dotted Line

I may have made the final decision today regarding our kitchen design details.   It's been quite a process as I have so many design styles that seem to suit me well.   The layout itself was easy because we aren't able to change the basic footprint of the existing kitchen.   More cabinets, raising the ceiling, a larger window, taking out a small closet for more cabinet and counter space...those are the easy choices.   Specific cabinets, countertop material (Holy cow!), backsplash tiles, flooring....well, they have caused me to spend hours and hours on, and forced me to nearly go blind walking through Lowe's and the tile/stone shop.   

The cabinets will be natural cherry, Shaker style.    Here are a few hundred photos you can browse :-)

I've gone back and forth numerous times between granite and quartz.   The granites I like all seem to be at the high end of the price range, so at this moment in time it seems quartz is winning.   Even though quartz can be as expensive as granite, there are lower cost options which make a huge difference.   I am still waiting for a bid so there is still time to make the final choice.

The glass subway tile for the backsplash is crazy expensive, but it makes a huge difference in the overall design.   I'd rather save dollars elsewhere and go with something that makes the whole design really stand out.   No fancy sink, no fancy faucet, no expensive tile for the floor.   I don't want a busy, overdone kitchen.   I just want a more simple, elegant, organic look.   And I think we're getting close.  

This is the first time I've ever written a post without a photo.   What's up with that?   I think that's just wrong somehow, don't you?   So here's a photo from my files that makes no sense in the context of this post, but hopefully it makes you smile.   My little hummers are still here after all these months.

Sometimes less is more.


shirley said…
The natural cherry is very elegant and simple - love that look. Glass subway tile sounds divine, too. Can't wait to see how it turns out (although I do not envy what you are going through with a remodel!).
Lynne said…
Really nice photo . . .
I can spot that long beak in a flash!

Happy news about your kitchen plans . . . the decisions can be a bit daunting but the results bring such pleasure.
glad you worked in a photo

Yay ... I love cherry, and I think you will, too. (That's what we did in our kitchen.) It's beautiful, timeless, and it has a certain glow about it. I have Corian counters, in a pattern that looks a lot like soapstone. I love how the dark, organic grey looks with the cherry.

Now that this phase of the kitchen is coming to a close, you're on the verge of the worst part ... doing without your kitchen during the construction. My sympathies to you, but it's all worth it in the end. Enjoy the process.
Tabor said…
Re-designing a kitchen. Sounds like fun and work. I wish I could change my fairly new kitchen, but footprint is the key.
Daryl said…
we have a teeny tiny kitchen … no remodel will ever happen beyond new dish towels … but my sister redid her kitchen and i went with her when she looked at options … overwhelming … as for posts with unrelated photos, i do it a lot .. mainly cause i blather a lot …
This N That said…
Les is usually more. As long as you're happy with the end result, that's what counts. Good luck in your decision-making.

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