A Few Miles

Leaving the location of my previous photo, driving a few miles south and pulling off Hwy 1 again, on another day....

A cloudy sky can make such a difference in the light and colors.   I think this one might also be going on one of my walls.

Loving the photo opportunities I'm finding this past week.   I'm putting a few miles on my truck driving back and forth, but it's been absolutely worth it.   

Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend.


C-ingspots said…
I just love that first photo - the one of the beach path!! That's the one I'd enlarge and frame...a path that leads to the sea. Magnificent!
Tabor said…
You are having fun and that is all that counts!
I imagine that just about anywhere you can pull over safely would be a beautiful view! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!
Nice shot.

You have a great weekend.
This N That said…
The California coast line is gorgeous..We were there long before Digital cameras and I was very disappointed in my pictures when we came home..I had remembered it as much more beautiful..Lucky you..
Lynne said…
Oh my . . . very, very nice.
Daryl said…
it was a busy weekend here as you can see i am catching up on blog visits and its almost the end of Sunday!!

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