Moving Ahead With Peace

My sweetie came home last night after being away for 11 days.   We had a bite of Thai food and he listened to the tales of my days.   It's priceless, having that kind of support.   

Yesterday I had the vet out to evaluate Beau and decide how he's doing, whether he's ready for regular shoes, etc.   He's made such great progress with his feet so we put hind shoes on him for a little better support while the fronts continue to grow out and are ready for shoes.   Treating a founder by keeping a horse barefoot in sand allows for more frequent and small adjustments by the farrier without having to put shoes on, take them off, put them on, take them off.   Better to get him to a point where he's at a normal interval, 6 weeks, for trims.   Shoes and pads are expensive and you don't want to be doing that every 2 weeks or so.

Thank you all for your comments about yesterday's post.   It's clear this friendship is changed and I'm really okay with that.   I no longer need to wonder if it's still worth my energy.   It's not.   I know that investing emotional energy won't have the rewards I was hoping for.   And so it is.   Cordial, pleasant, but no bond that I feel needs nurturing.   I'm too old to worry about whether I'm doing or saying the right thing at every moment.   I crave peace and gentleness at this time in my life.   Nothing else is worth the energy it involves.

We have this weekend to enjoy some peace around our home before the contractor arrives on Monday to tear out the kitchen and make a big mess.   Besides enjoying cooler temperatures, I'm hopeful we'll take a little time to take in views like this...

Have a great weekend!!


Hope you have a great weekend too
Comfypjs said…
What a gorgeous photo Denise!
This N That said…
Glad you've made peace with the friendship thing. I agree, I'm too old to have to worry about what I say. I am what I am take it or leave it. Seems to work. Have a wonderful weekend.
Lynne said…
Peace and Gentleness all the way, gets my vote!
I hope you have a wonderful peaceful weekend with your hubby.
Lin said…
I'm glad you sorted it out for yourself. Now, don't look back and re-think it. It is important to be kind to yourself and eliminate the negative and stresses that bring us down.

Glad your honey is home. :)
Daryl said…
feels good to have someone who listens .. glad you're feeling better and so happy to hear Beau is coming along so well … xo
A remodeling inside and out...good for the soul!...:)JP
Tabor said…
Beautiful pictures as always.

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