It's Here!

Autumn!!!!   It's here, at last!   There is always one day that marks the change, when the temperatures cool down and you can feel the change in the air.    I get up in the morning and put on sweatpants and a warm shirt before stepping outside to feed the donkeys.   I find my Uggs and sweatshirts and start moving things around in the closet and drawers.   I would think about putting something in the oven but of course I have no kitchen!   Nevertheless, I will buy some pumpkins to place outside and eat pumpkin foods and consider making some soup in the crockpot.   I will celebrate Autumn.   It's the change I've been waiting for.

Last evening's sky changing over approximately one hour.


TexWisGirl said…
just gorgeous! congrats on cooler temps!
Lynne said…
Very nice sky treats!
I am making beef stew today . . . crock pot style.
Pretty shots

A polar vortex hit Tampa too. Freezing temperatures had the munchkins wearing parkas when they waited for the bus this morning.


It was 67F...we Floridians are shiverin'
C-ingspots said…
:) Yay!!! It really does feel good, doesn't it? We've been having cool, foggy mornings and a fair amount of rain this week. I'm thinking of making a fire in the wood stove this weekend. I love that first sky shot!!! You get some amazing clouds where you live.
It is a relief to have a break from the sweltering heat -- Welcome fall!! Lovely photos!!
This N That said…
Nothing prettier than autumn sunrises and sunsets. Nice pictures Denise I hope you find everything you need in that closet.
shirley said…
Yay for cooler days, especially sweatpants and Uggs! Beautiful sunset and I know that soup will taste wonderful.
Unknown said…
Love your sky shots, beautiful.
Daryl said…
we had such a day and then it got warm again … now we're due to get a more fall-like weekend after two days in the 70s .. global warming anyone?
Tabor said…
Tomorrow is our first really cold of holding my breath to see if I like it.
Laura said…
I wish it were cooler here- in South Texas.

Your photography is stunning!
Enjoyed visiting and I am a new follower.

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