Pelican Files

I need to add a separate file in Lightroom for pelicans.   I have so many pelican photos, it's kind of funny to me.   And I have probably deleted as many as I've kept.   I don't set out to take photos of them, but sometimes happen upon dozens or hundreds or maybe just one all by itself.   I can't resist their dinosaur-like selves.   They look interesting when flying, when standing, when floating on the water, and of course when they dive down to catch a fish.

I've not yet mastered capturing the dive because you can't know which one will dive, or when, or where.   Suddenly there's a splashdown.   And another, and another.   I happened upon another such pelican-palooza in Cambria last week with dozens feeding in the surf coming in against the rocks.

Pelicans in Cambria from Denise Groom on Vimeo.

How can you not enjoy pelicans?   

Have a very nice Tuesday and I will be back soon with more pelicans (!) and an update on the kitchen.


TexWisGirl said…
just beautiful and fascinating birds. :)
Absolutely. How could you not enjoy them. They are so goofy looking, yet smack the water with a surprising grace. Love 'em.
Unknown said…
So you are a pelican nut also. I also have ALOT of pictures of them. We have white ones here. There are just so many interesting things about them.
I love your pictures. Great that you can get them from above!
Pelicans are one of my favorites to watch at the this crowd!...:)JP
Tabor said…
They are very pre-historic looking. Look like they were designed by a committee!
This N That said…
Wow! Those are great pictures. I don't think I've ever seen any of your pelican pictures before. Looking forward to more.
Daryl said…
they are descended from pterosaurs … and when i am down along the river watching the gulls swoop and dive i keep my finger on the shutter and weed out the non dive shots after… just a thought

oh i keep meaning to tell you i finally figured out where that damn spot was coming from that i kept seeing on the photos .. it was on the back of the lens .. i blew it off with canned air …and saved myself $$$ sending the camera out to be cleaned!

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