We Have Walls

There was good progress on the remodel yesterday.   On Friday the plumbing and electrical were both finished after a couple of adjustments had to be made for framing details.   The window was installed and now the new siding is finished on that side of the house.   Time to get the painter back to cover up the ugly yellow color.   Why did they make the siding yellow?   *shrugs*   Yesterday the sheet rock crew came in and were finished within an hour.   They had a crew of four because they had done two larger jobs yesterday.   Ours was quickly done and they were gone, leaving a trail of dust in their path.   Oh yes, sheet rock dust has settled in to every nook and cranny.   Today the drywall guy will tape and texture.   And we'll be ready for cabinets!!!    Woohoo!

I spent the morning at the barn and then drove to the coast to avoid being at the house while the sheet rock was going in.   I got home about 2:30 and the sheet rock crew showed up about 15 minutes later.   So much for my plan.   The drive was easy as there weren't many people on the road.   I went to Cambria, to Moonstone Beach, and walked the wooden path with my camera.   It was still warm enough that I didn't need a sweatshirt.   

I've mentioned this before, but part of the beauty at this beach is the brown sand that sparkles when the tide goes in and out.   The colors of the water are so beautiful, it's mesmerizing.   I stand in awe every time I'm there.   A few people were on the beach hunting for pretty rocks, but the tide has been covering the beaches and makes it a little tricky for walking when it's rolling in.   Getting caught in a little cove and clawing my way up a bluff isn't my idea of fun.  

I hope you have a nice Tuesday.   I'm hoping once the drywall guy is finished, I can uncover my furniture again and start doing some cleaning.   The rest of the project won't be nearly as messy.   Wish me luck!


These last 2 shots are refreshingly beautiful .
Lynne said…
Beautiful part of the country you can photograph for us! I love your header and the beach shots are simply gorgeous.

Great places to retreat to while the dry wall, hammer and nail, etc is going on . . . Getting exciting now! Thanks for the photo updates!
Tabor said…
Autumn is the perfect time to test one's patience.
This N That said…
Yay..making some headway!! The cabinets will make a big difference..I love your coastline..I envy your being able to visit it so easily..
Michelle said…
I know you are glad for the progress!
What a great feeling to be to the point to be ready for your cabinets--That's progress!! But if I lived where you do, I'd never get anything done, I'd be at your beautiful and amazing beach!!!
shirley said…
Love the scenes from the beach - so serene. It must feel good to see things coming together at the house!

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