Where Has October Gone?

Good grief, it's almost over.   I looked back through my Lightroom files to see what was happening last year.   Besides some rain and falling leaves *sigh*, I took a drive up Highway 1 to Ragged Point and beyond to the south end of Big Sur.   What a beautiful day that was.   I haven't been back, mostly because it's quite a winding road and not the most relaxing drive.   Still....I need to go again.   I'm sure the monarchs are fluttering about at Ragged Point and that's a sight to behold.

Remember this?   I'm sure I posted them last year.  

It's quite beautiful, walking through the grove with these orange butterflies all around.   You can't help but stand there and smile.   

Orange is a color for October.   Orange pumpkins, monarch butterflies, San Francisco Giants.   Wait, what????   Oh yes, I slipped that in because I could :-)   Go Giants!

The contractor will be here this morning to (at last) make some progress with the kitchen.   The window finally arrived and framing can begin.   There's been nothing to show you so perhaps next week I'll have an update.   I can take photos on my new iPhone 6.   I was due for an upgrade and so far, I like it!

So yes, October...woosh and it's almost over.   Have a great orange weekend.   And Go Giants!   Oh yes, I already said that, but it bears repeating.


those are beautiful shots!!
TexWisGirl said…
just gorgeous! and hooray for some rain!
Oh, my goodness!! That shoeline shot is gorgeous!!!!
Gone Country said…
How cool to see so many butterflies on the same plant! Yea, not sure where October went, let alone this year. sigh. Have a great weekend!
Such gorgeous photos. I love seeing the monarchs. At one time I was afraid they were lost to us forever. xo Laura
Tabor said…
HOw about an orange pumpkin pie once the kitchen is completed?
Lynne said…
Love the orange, in the Monarchs that is.
Kinda fun when those free upgrades come along . . .
Happy to hear you like your iPhone 6.
Michelle said…
Beautiful Monarch! October has flown by here as well.
I love your photos, the Monarchs are really beautiful! There has been a real effort to try and repopulate them in our area this year, time will tell if the effort will pay off. I've seen a few, but not enough. And I don't know where October went either, if you find out, let me know! :-)
Unknown said…
I hope you don't take for granted what a beautiful area you live in, it sounds like you don't. As visitors from PA, my wife and I visited that area a few years ago, stayed at Big Sur. That drive up Highway 1, we still talk about it. Gorgeous. Enjoy your beautiful part of the world.
Ela said…
Really gorgeous shots !

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