Your Favorite Things?

Now that our kitchen remodel is getting close to completion, it's time to put things back together and organize.   And that extends beyond the kitchen to the new pantry and of course the bedrooms because somehow it all gets connected in the mind, right?   First you formulate some ideas and then head online or over to Bed Bath and Beyond.   We don't have many choices in our area for organizing so Ikea or other big stores like that are out of the question.   We have Target, Lowes, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, or Kohls.   There are a few more choices in San Luis Obispo but not like the bigger metropolitan areas like the Bay Area.   *sigh*   Sometimes I miss living there, but not often.

Anyway, I digress.   Where to put things back into the new kitchen cabinets?   And what should go in the kitchen versus the pantry cabinets?   It's not as though we have or need tons of stuff, as when you are raising children or entertaining a great deal or doing a lot of baking of things that we don't need to eat.   Still, there are the basics.   Plates, bowls, large bowls, pots and pants, silverware and other utensils.   Glassware and mugs.   And on which side of the sink should the dish tray sit, and where on the counter should the coffeemaker reside?   These are important questions that need answers!

And as long as we're putting things in their place, what about organizing items such as trays and containers and shelf liners and a new dish tray and trivets and all that?   Well, browsing through a store such as BBandB could be delightful if not for a Sunday afternoon of shoppers and aisles that are way too narrow to accommodate two people and their carts moving in opposite directions.   And then there is  the annoying someone (me) who can't quite decide, going around and around the aisles considering all the options.   The other shoppers must be wondering what she's doing, although they look equally confused.

I came home with a new black dish tray and drain tray, a mat for the sink, two trivets, a shelf for under the sink, shelf liners, and a shelving unit for the closet.   Oh yes, and some dish towels.   I considered new pots and pans, new dishes (they are ALL made in China!), a coffeemaker, organizing trays for the lazy susans, new trays for the silverware and utensils, and so much more!   

So now I'm wondering, what favorite organizing things do you have?   Even a simple plastic tray is stupidly expensive and at this point, after the cost of the remodel, I could just say WTH and buy what I want.   But that's not how I roll.   I take a little time and consider before I spend.   

Oh dear, now I've written an entire post and not shown you any photos.   You must be tired of the kitchen remodel photos so how about something else?   Something pretty for a Monday morning?  This was our sunrise a few days ago.   The clouds were so soft but sadly didn't deliver any rain.   Still, we are hopeful.

Have a nice Monday!


Clouds are right up there among my favorite things!

Purdy picture.
This N That said…
Sounds like you are on a roll, Denise. I'm sure you'll figure it all out..Things used a lot within reach..Other stuff farther away..Yes, there are containers and holders for everything.
Lovely sky..looks stormy..We're getting our first snow on Wed !!
happy Thanksgiving..
Lynne said…
I am not tired of your remodel at all. I am trying to let you and others inspire me to go forward and begin some of my remodel and upgrades. It is the "getting started" that has me stopped, make sense?
Love the photo . . .
this is a beautiful moody sky shot
Daryl said…
my kitchen at home is teeny tiny and there was no real organizing by me done back a hundred years ago when we moved down from the studio to the one bedroom .. but this past weekend i went looking for something and ended up cleaning out a drawer filled with old outdated prescription drugs for humans and animals ..then i moved all the oversized flatware into it …

but here at the office the new pantry opened a lot of issues for me and i am still reorganizing as we go …
Anonymous said…
We have to travel about 30-40 miles from where we live to get to big stores like that too. Beautiful picture.
Comfypjs said…
Your photo is just beautiful!
I live in San Jose so the stores are plenty! And, I can walk to all the ones you mentioned from my home. I envy you living out there where is is quiet except for animal noises. It is a nightmare with all the traffic around here.

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