Orange Sherbet and Other Stuff

Why orange sherbet?   Our sky sometimes turns that color as the sun begins to think about setting.   I download my photos and never capture that color exactly as I see it, but that's the nature of photography, I suppose.   Does the camera lens capture what you see?   That's why I edit my photos in Lightroom.  It's an easy way to make small changes or dramatic changes.   I have at least a hundred presets that I've purchased and they can keep me busy for a long time on just one photo.   I become a bit crazed with the various looks I can create.    I'm still working on this one.   Those lines have got to go.

About two weeks ago my iMac display started blanking out on me.   I had planned on doing a trade-in at the Mac store toward the end of 2014, but delayed my purchase with the idea that I had time and wanted to finish the house stuff first.   Packed up my machine and headed to SLO.   Two days later I picked up my new iMac after data transfer was complete.   And it has problems.   For some reason Safari and Google want nothing to do with each other on my new machine.   I spent two and a half hours on the phone with Apple and we were unsuccessful in fixing the problem.   I am using Firefox as a browser but I don't like it much.   So today I pack up my new machine and drive back to SLO for them to fix it.   Annoying, to say the least.

We have had virtually no rain during the month of January and there is nothing in the forecast.   So the hills are green for a short while, I suppose, and then the brown will return.   While the weather is lovely for the most part, it's the fourth year of prolonged drought.   This was my view driving home from the barn two days ago.   It's beyond beautiful with the vibrant blues and greens.  It makes me want to pull off the side of the road all the time.  

The kitchen is finished and we love it!!   

And so February is almost here.   Wow, 2015 is already zooming past.   We have declared this as a year of just enjoying the days after challenges and a lot of busy projects last year.   There are always challenges, right?   But we would just like to keep them small.

Thanks for coming by.   Have a great Thursday!


Tabor said…
What a beautiful kitchen. Now you get to post photos of food! I love that scenic hillside, almost a painting. LIke you I fiddle and faddle with photos since I have taken so many.
Nice shots eveverywhere.

I personally like Chrome...but I have some sneaky hidden plug-in I can't get rid of that forces yahoo search as my homepage. I could kill whoever infected me with that thing. Why would anyone want to go to yahoo.
That certainly is a beautiful view you had on your way home the other day and I love your kitchen, I am sure you are very glad it is now completed. Now enjoy it.
shirley said…
Love your new kitchen! And wow, that view would make me stop every day.
Thanks for the encouragement comment on my blog. I know inspiration is right around the corner.
As for new camera / lens / mirrorless.... Gosh, recent Nikon "stuff" (poor quality control, lack of customer service, etc) has me recommending Canon to newbies or those who are not invested heavily in Nikon lenses. This is something I never would have considered 5-6 years ago. You just wonder if they will be around for the long haul.
As for mirrorless, I hardly ever use mine. I think if I had issues lugging around a big body and lens, I would go exclusively mirrorless. I just prefer the control I have with my DSLR. Maybe the new cameras have bridged that gap.... Sorry if I've not been ANY help!
Comfypjs said…
I love your header photo, your kitchen and I have missed reading your blog. Your photos inspire me to get out there with my camera. My biggest problem is that I have a 40+ hour job. Blech!
I also need to learn to be more efficient on Lightroom because I too have purchased some presets however; I almost never have the time to play on it.
This N That said…
Love your kitchen Denise..Your pictures are always amazing..Didn't know about lightroom..:)I have a Cannon that already has the three lenses that I had to add to my old Rebel already built in..It's amazing..Moon shots without a tripod!!..I'm sure I could do more with it if I would take the time to learn..I'm a point and shoot photographer and this camera is perfect for me!!
Lynne said…
Stunning photos . . .
Love the orange Sherbet sky and the hills in the beautiful greens and blue is just so wonderful!
And your new kitchen looks perfect. I like the back splash tiles, the charcoal like colors with the warm rich wood tones. very nice!
I always love your photos! I've never used "Lightroom" and will have to check it out. I edit mine with Picmonkey to just bring up some color, sometimes I add too much, but this time of year, I need the "pop!"
And speaking of "popping" your kitchen looks like something in a magazine--It's lovely and perfect, and I'm envious!! :-)!!!
Daryl said…
kitchen is gorgeous

i heard that Apple is discontinuing iPhoto and Apature … the people at Topaz told me this when i whined about how their FXPhoto Lab refused to work in conjunction with the latest iOS ….. grrrrr ..
Does the farmers' market go year round in SLO? It's one of the best I've seen, at least in the summer.

What a wonderful view you have there. We haven't been west since 2008 and I'm getting a hankering for those vistas.
C-ingspots said…
Ooh, love your new kitchen too - it's beautiful! For NW Oregon, we've had very little rain in January either...people are calling it June-uary since at the beach a few times recently, we've hit 70 and we've had so much sunshine. Not like us at all. But I'm loving it! Sure hope you get some rain to keep that lovely view green. As for pictures, I've never edited a photo in my life. I don't know how, and all my shots are with my little P&S Cannon, with a mega-zoom. It works, but I'd sure have fun with a DSLR. But I can't get past the size, too much to lug around places I go.

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