I'm Happy to Share

These are one of my favorite coastal flowers.   They are called Limonium and I believe there are different colors or varieties.   I love to photograph them but it can be a little tricky.   The flowers grow on a long stalk and with our usual breezes (or stiff winds), they are often moving around and difficult to capture.   When you get them to hold still, they look as though they're floating without support.   It reminds me of Queen Anne's Lace.   There is a lot of variation in the colors on an individual plant which reminds me of Lilacs.   I took these photos at a park in Shell Beach this week.   

I know so many of you are dealing with freezing cold temperatures and huge amounts of snow.   So I am happy to share these with you until Spring bring you some pretty flowers of your own.


Your flowers are really beautiful, and a welcome color to my "50 shades of white" world!
shirley said…
Very beautiful and a great reminder that spring will bloom soon!
Daryl said…
love those .. we used to grow them in the roof garden and then dry them ... one of my favorite flowers

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