It's Happening!

What, you ask????   The wildflowers are blooming!!!   California wildflowers on the hills!!!   Cue the music...."The hills are alive" by Julie Andrews or Lady Gaga....take your pick. appears we've had the right amounts of light rains to bring forth our annual thrill.   The drought years have kept this annual event from being certain so we are delighted that it's happening.   I must must must make time with my camera to capture these beauties before they're gone.

Last Sunday I drove out to Shell Creek which is famous for its wildflower show.   Google it and you will see beautiful photographs.  Throngs of photographers show up there when it is in its full glory.   Sunday morning I was all alone with a rainstorm brewing and only a relatively light scattering of yellow on the hills, with a touch of blue thrown in here and there.   This is the start and it will only get better.   See the ribbons of yellow cascading down the hills?   Wildflowers!

The California poppies are now blooming and people have seen a few lupines as well.   I better get busy!   Oh, but I've been riding my horses a lot and I seriously have to choose each and every or horses?   I'm sure glad our kitchen is finished so I don't have to sit home every day waiting for workers and the next hundred decisions to be made.   

Oh yes, and the rains brought a gorgeous sunset.   Really gorgeous.   

I know I've mentioned wanting a new camera a few times.   I haven't purchased one but I'm leaning toward the Sony a6000.   It's not full frame but it is very fast with sharp focusing features that can't be matched.   It's much less expensive than the full frame Sony and I think may better suit my needs.   

Have a great Thursday and for those of you in cold climes....stay warm!


TexWisGirl said…
just beautiful! our spring blooms and pear blossoms got frozen with sleet first, then snow two days later. :)
Nancy said…
Lucky you! It's about 6 degrees here this morning. :)
Beautiful. You're certainly getting good shots with the camera you have :)
Thanks for these...there is hope for the snow covered and frozen!...:)JP
shirley said…
Yay for the wildflowers! I'll enjoy your lush green views from here. We're doing our best to stay warm!
How pretty! I imagine how gorgeous it will be when all the wildflowers bloom.
This N That said…
I wish I had that problem..Photos or horses !!! What a toughie...Beautiful pictures of the wild flowers..I envy all that green..
Lin said…
WOW! I can only imagine the color in person. I miss color....we are still in the "white" of winter here. :(
Your photos are really lovely, and make me envious of how beautiful everything is in your time zone.
Martine said…
Woohoo!! And it's starting to happen here, too! I spotted some wild crocuses in bloom last week and all my spring flowers are poking their heads through the soil. Spring is coming!
New wild flowers and those wonderful skies in one post. Marvellous.
Daryl said…
i am hoping we have spring here soon .. and i Googled that camera .. looks like a good price .. but what about add'l lenses?

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