He Has a Name

Two weeks ago my friend who owns the barn where I board saw an eagle at their house.   I was whining that I had never seen an eagle.   Not once, never.   On Thursday I was driving home from the barn, glanced to my left, and saw a white head out in a field.   Screech (not really), turned around, and drove into the open gate of a winery.   Sure enough, an adult eagle on the ground with some dead snack.   Wow, was I ever excited!   I didn't really care that I was so far away, I took photos.   Then I saw two more soaring nearby.   The adult left the food and ended up on the far hill, just watching, while one of the juveniles mantled and ate the snack.   

When I got home and downloaded the photos, I saw the tags on one of the juveniles.   After some searching on the Internet, I located the tagging information and sent off an email to UC Santa Barbara for more details.   They forwarded the message on to the island manager at the Channel Islands research group that monitors the nesting pairs.   I received this information about the tagged eagle.

A-87 hatched in March/April of 2013, was tagged in May, and fledged in July.   It is a male and his name is America Strong.   Pretty cool, huh?   

 I downloaded these photos of A-87 when he was a baby eaglet and they were tagging him.

I can't give credit for these photos because the photographer wasn't identified.   I took them from the forum set up for the Channel Island eagles.   

Seeing an eagle, no matter how far away, is thrilling.   Finding out one of them has a name is just rather cool, at least for a nature lover like me.


Unknown said…
Just let me say....WOW!!! Super cool!!!
Cloudia said…
Really cool! We follow our Hawaiian Monk Seals who are tagged, named, known. Volunteers stay near by when they beach to give birth (as with the sea turtles)

Awesome shots!

ALOHA from Honolulu
I didn't realize that they tagged eagles like that. Makes it really easy to see who's who at a distance.
This N That said…
Wow!! That's a thrill for sure..I've seen Eagles in captivity and in the wild as well.Always exciting..Great pictures..
Lin said…
VERY cool! It's great that you could research where he came from too. I'll bet they were happy to hear that he is doing well out in the wild. It's a win-win for everyone!
And so now you know HOW and WHY I became hooked on watching the nest next door to me!!! Each year, I learn more and more about them...:)JP
WOW! Yes definitely COOL! These are wonderful shots and great that you at last saw an eagle and one with a name.
Daryl said…
VERY cool .. and stunning photos
Comfypjs said…
Since you enjoy eagles so much you should check out this website. It is a live cam of a pair of eagles in Decorah, Iowa.
I have been watching this pair of eagles now for 3 years. Every year there are new hatchlings. They are tagged and you can even track where they are. It is really cool to watch the parents take turns caring for the eaglets. Right now there are 3 eggs. I can hardly wait until they hatch!
Martine said…
What kind of eagles are they?
I'd never seen one in outside of zoos until we came to France. There are several different varieties near us. Even after 2.5 years I still go WOW Look, an eagle!

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