Sunday Drive

I went out to Shell Creek again on Sunday.   It was glorious with expansive fields of yellow.   People were walking, having picnics, taking photos, cycling, and enjoying the beauty of that spot.   It wasn't over crowded at all, just people meandering through the fields in awe of nature.

The yellows were both brilliant and soft, depending on the flower and the stage of blooming.   People commented that the lupines haven't shown their pretty blue.   Of course we don't know if they will each year, but we hope.   And a few spots with poppies caught my eye.  But mostly it was the yellow.  I took this panoramic shot with my phone from the middle of a large field facing west.  

I was glad I wasn't wearing my relatively new sneakers that have a lot of white.

Mother Nature is definitely dressed in her finest at this particular spot.


Beautiful warm, sunny, flowers!...:)JP
TexWisGirl said…
gorgeous. the poppies are amazing!

are pollen season is crushing me now. My eyes itch so much I want to scream.
shirley said…
Wow, just amazing. So glad you were able to enjoy the day and share it with us!
Pepper Medley said…
It's just so pretty there!
How magnificent. A sea of yellow.
Love the gorgeous bright colors-very pretty and you even got a "to-go" sample to take home with you!
This N That said…
Wow..That's a lot of pollen ..Beautiful field..I think we are a long way from pollen and picnics..Maybe it just seems that way..Have a beautiful day..
Lin said…
So pretty! It's nice to see color again. I'm tired of white!
Daryl said…
yellow is not my favorite color but in these photos its quite wonderful

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