The Real Wednesday

I woke up yesterday thinking it was Wednesday.   That's why the "Wordless Wednesday" on a Tuesday.   I thought it was Wednesday until around noon, I think.   Despite the confusion, it was a good day....Tuesday.   

In the morning I rode both my horses, Buddy and Beau.   They are so different, one from the other, so it gives me two experiences.   And twice the exercise!   Beau has recovered from his serious issues of last year and I couldn't be happier about that.   His jaw is healed and not causing any problems.   His feet have completely grown out and he's had no soreness, so we are good to go.   Just working to get him conditioned and that won't take much longer.

A quick change at home and I was off to a new dentist for cleaning and exam.   I admit, I had skipped my cleanings last year at my previous dentist.   So I was expecting the usual....too much plaque, not enough flossing, need to replace an old filling....blah blah blah.   Anxiety at the dentist.   I had decided to try a new dentist in a much smaller, less fancy office.   I know a couple people who see him and recommended him.   What a completely different experience.   The hygienist was awesome, my cleaning was easy, nothing on the X-rays that needed attention, the dentist was nice, and it was a painless experience.   I rather liked that office in a much older building with wood paneling on the walls and no bright video screens in the waiting room.   

My new glasses had arrived so I drove to pick those up.   While in Paso, I went to the Boot Barn to look for t-shirts.   I am on the same dang t-shirt search I may have talked about last year or the year before.   I've combed the internet looking for quality t-shirts with a thicker cotton and length and no sports teams or cartoon characters on the front.   After my lengthy online search, every single item I've viewed is now showing up on every single site I look at.   Nordstrom, JCrew, Gap, Kohls, and on and on and on.   Anyway....I found a few shirts at the Boot Barn.   I also looked at some very pretty Western handbags but didn't buy one.   Some of them are way too expensive for me, but they also have very nice less expensive designs.   

I decided that my teeth were so clean, I should eat a burrito.   Ha!   Actually, my hygienist had mentioned a place here called Chipotle and I'd never been, so I wanted to try it since I'd skipped lunch and it was getting close to dinner.   I got a burrito and took it home.   Delicious.   They use very fresh ingredients, grass fed and hormone free meats, and you basically have them build it how you choose either in a burrito, a bowl, or a salad.   It was really good.   

So it was a good Tuesday.   And now it's Wednesday, for real.   I'm off to the barn this morning and then maybe heading to the coast for some fun with my camera.   I really like this new camera and it's so much easier to carry than my Nikon.   

Here you go, a cheesy photo of the day that I snapped to show my sissy the new glasses.

And another photo just because....

Have a good day!


You are looking good with great glasses and clean teeth!
Comfypjs said…
Well, I read your Wordless Wednesday yesterday (Tuesday) and didn't realize it wasn't Wednesday until you mentioned it in today's post. What a DORK I am. Anyway, I agree Chipotle is yummy. I prefer the bowl because I don't do tortillas. I like your new glasses and I'm thrilled to hear your horse has healed from all the issues from last year.
And here I thought you were just ahead of the game!...:)JP
This N That said…
I like your glasses..looks like you are all ready for whatever comes along..clean teeth, new glasses..Wow..Have you tried mens tee shirts?? LLBean has really nice ones..soft, thicker..You might have to go to boys..You look tiny..I noticed that you were a little ahead of yourself yesterday but we all know, I'm not perfect!!!
Lin said…
We have Chipotle here. I like the bowls. At least you can eat healthy there AND grab a fast meal.

Looks like you are all spiffed up and ready for Spring!
Lynne said…
Liking you . . . and your new glasses, pretty smile!
Liked hearing about your new dentist, nice atmosphere and good experience.
And really, really love your photos . . . dreamy views!
Great horsey news too . . .
Happy, Wednesday on Tuesday, now Thursday!
Pepper Medley said…
What a superb day you had! Nothing better than a pain free stress free dental appt. It is why I drive an hour for my dental care.
Daryl said…
great smile, nice glasses

okay .. i am addicted to American Vintage t-shirts .. they are so soft and wash well .. sadly they are not made/sold here in the USA but i found a website that sells them -

not cheap but worth it and they wear really well ..
shirley said…
Love that photo - you are using a wide lens, no?
Chipotle is one of my favorite "fast food" but real food places. I like that they source local produce and meat.

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