Critter Photos

105 Degrees

Every day I take photos of our three squirrels.   Most of them are taken through a window.   I can't help myself, they are so darn cute.   The young ones are hilarious with their playful antics.   I have no idea whether they will stay around once they reach maturity, but for now I have a little more enjoyment out my window.  


105?? Yikes! I had no idea it gets that warm out there!!! Stay in, take pix and enjoy the cool!...:)JP
Helen said…
I get so tickled when you post about your squirrels and how you are so proud of your three little squirrels. Here in Arkansas we have 3 million squirrels!!!
Lynne said…
Bet that squirrel is getting a very warm tummy splayed out like that!
Daryl said…
they are very amusing but be careful they dont decide to try to get in the house via a screened window or into your attic if you have one .. they can do a lot of damage

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