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If I could, that's what I would do to yesterday's weather.   It only reached 80 degrees and beautiful bright blue skies.   Toward afternoon, clouds came in that created awesomeness in the evening.   Can you feel the days getting a little shorter?   

I also had a much needed massage yesterday after a month between sessions.   My massage therapist was visiting family in England and I sure did miss her.   Every muscle in my body was tight or in a knot or otherwise giving me discomfort.   I think when you're used to going every two weeks, the body gets accustomed to that release and doesn't know how to act without it.   Riding horses and working horses on a lunge line are not things I can comfortably do without massage treatments.   

Everything is good around our little ranch.   We said goodbye to another chicken this week as she had reached 5 years and was failing.   She was the last of Toby's daughters that hatched here.   We have Toby and 7 hens remaining and will not replace our flock.   It's been great having chickens but it's not a responsibility I want as I go forward.   A little more freedom in the evenings would be nice, not having to be home to close them in for their protection.   It will be a little strange as chickens really add a lot to our place.   B'gawk!

The sun has risen, donkeys are fed, and I want another cup of coffee before the other critters need attention.   Thanks for stopping by!


Tabor said…
That last photo is beautifully stunning. Is autumn weather coming already????
Pepper Medley said…
Love the last photo! I don't think I would replace the chickens as they pass away either. We are at an age when less responsibilities feels good. xo
Cloudia said…
Your final shot gob smacked me!


Love the last shot as the sun is disappearing to the other side of the world.
Daryl said…
today, thursday, the weather here on the east coast has decided to cool down .. humidity is gone for the weekend i hope it went to sea and stays there ... i wish i would indulge in 2X a month massages, i know how the one i do get makes me feel ...
This N That said…
Gorgeous pictures..The days are definitely getting shorter Denise..starting to get back in to the 80's..Headed in the right direction...Enjoy your day..
What a gorgeous sunrise!! I'm not up at that time, so I miss them all. Besides, the trees block the sight now. Yes, I've noticed that the sun has moved across the sky a lot in the last month.

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