Try Try Again

I've been trying for a couple days to upload photos to a post that I was writing.   To no avail.   I'm going to try again, right here, right now.   We'll see what happens.

It's October.   We've had more of the gorgeous skies with high scattered clouds against a deep blue backdrop.   Cooler temperatures, and even a sprinkling of water from the sky.   How about that?

And it wouldn't be October without orange, would it?

I don't know why this is so slow, uploading photos.   I'm using the same file size as always.   Scratching my head and hoping to figure it out so I can share more photos as the season moves on.   At least I got three.   It was worth another try, but still not working like it was before.   

Anyhow...have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by to celebrate the launch of this wonderful month.


Well, it was worth the wait, your photos are really beautiful!

I've been missing your blog, and hope that all is well in your time-zone!
The sky shots in the first two are marvellous but the last image is utterly stunning. Have a lovely weekend.
Tabor said…
We have not seen blue sky here for days and it looks like rain and gray clouds through the weekend. At least the storm is heading out to sea!
This N That said…
Beautiful skies . wonderful pictures,Denise.... Worth waiting for. Enjoy your weekend.
Lynne said…
Beautiful pictures . . .
Frustrating when something that once worked decides not to work.
I have had problems since I loaded Windows 10 . . . I think you are an Apple gal, right?
That glitch for me has really zapped my posting . . . The photos are all there but they won't load into the post.
Snarl . . . I hope your problem is solved very soon!
Comfypjs said…
It is always worth the wait to see your photos and you didn't disappoint! I love your photos because there are no hindrances like tall buildings and a bazillion light posts like here in San Jose.
Daryl said…
that is odd ... but i am glad it worked
Ida said…
Pretty clouds and oh my that sunset is dreamy looking.

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