Autumn at the Coast

With the changes in seasons, I have been to the coast a few times recently to enjoy the ocean air, a walk on the beach, a hike along the bluffs, and a great breakfast on a Sunday morning.   I've captured some of the beauty that includes one day of very calm waters and one day of stormy seas.   And so I'm sharing a few photos on my neglected blog this week while I wait for the next opportunity to drive over and shoot a few more.

Today I'm supposed to get my new iPhone 7 Plus.   I'm looking forward to having a larger screen and also learning how the new and improved camera will work.   I'll let you know what I think, in case you are also due for an upgrade with your carrier.

See you soon!


Tabor said…
A peaceful place to play with your new phone...if you get reception, that is.
Love your pics of the bluffs. They're so gorgeous in stormy weather! It sure was nice to have some rain.
C-ingspots said…
Did you get some rain with this last (first of season) storm we had recently? We had some very strong winds and this afternoon is the first time it's stopped raining. Sheesh! Buckets of water falling from the sky! We have like 6" of rain since October 1...need some? On our beach, about an hour and a half from us, there was a tornado that went right through the little town of Manzanita. Very rare for these parts! Lots of downed trees, wires, messed up buildings and so forth. Lots of people without power even here in the valley. Guess summer really is over.
LOVE that last photo! Beautiful Denise.
Daryl said…
i love my iPhone 7 .. if the 7+ had fit in my pocket i would have gotten it but it wont and i need hands free ... i thought i could deal with keeping it in my shoulder bag but decided having to fish around for it wasnt what i wanted to do .. so ... cant wait to hear how you like it

gorgeous photos!!!!!!
Gorgeous shots, Denise. Would love to join you at Dorn's.
This N That said…
Just gorgeous..Thanks for sharing your beauty!!

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