From Pottery To Bridles

I am once again listing "stuff" for sale on Craigs List and Facebook groups.   It's not easy to sell things....not because I don't want to get rid of them, but because you just have to find that one single person who wants exactly what you have to sell.   I've avoided eBay, a site I used a long time ago, because I think they take a percentage and it just seems a hassle.   

Used horse tack is hard to sell, no matter the condition.

Farm and ranch things are pretty easy to sell.

Pottery is hard to sell, no matter the condition.

Horse blankets should be very easy to sell, but surprisingly are not.

I haven't tried selling clothing, just boots.   That hasn't been successful either.   And so I usually end up donating clothing items.   I should try to get money for them, but I don't want to be bothered with so many people coming over to look at personal items.

I think, most likely, I list my items at a higher price than people want to pay, due to the good condition.    I don't want to give things away for half of what I think they are worth.   Try try again, I usually say.   And of course people want to negotiate the price down anyway, once they decide they're interested.

I shall persevere.   I have some camera equipment but will sell anything of value to B&H.   And then I can have new camera equipment.   Yay!   I also have two iPhones and an iPad which I am going to trade in to the Mac Store in SLO for my new Mac Book Air.     Sometimes trade-ins are so much easier and I figure even $25-50 is better than having the item sit in a drawer.   

Does anyone still use eBay?   If so, what do you think of it?   I know it's the best place to sell my pottery, but I've just hesitated to go back there.

From soup to nuts.    From pottery to bridles.   You name might be for sale.   

I am tired of having so much stuff.

It's supposed to rain today and someone is coming over to buy some of my 4x6 rubber stall mats.   I'm selling them for $30 each and she wants 4.   Money in the bank!

Ok, I have to get busy.   Lots of things to sell!!

I hope you're having a great Sunday.   Don't stress about Thanksgiving.   Just enjoy.


Good luck to you on selling your stuff.
Tabor said…
Is that a white throated sparrow? I think it is great that much of you stuff doesn't go to a landfill but gets reused. I try to do that with my items...I have a HUGE oriental rug that is in Fair condition...maybe I will put it on Craig;s list.
I'm always the buyer on both eBay and Craigslist. For whatever reason, I'm a terrible negotiator, and will usually just pay what is being asked. I wonder how much I could have saved if I'd not done that.

Good luck on selling your "stuff." I still love to browse eBay, especially when I'm looking for something specific.
Those birds -- sparrows or crowned finches, I'm not sure....anyway, they sing the most amazing song in this area! Just a nice long and lovely tune. I feel we're very lucky to have them here.
This N That said…
I use Ebay on and off..They don't take a percentage of the first attempt to sell things..I think!!..I bought 2 pair of very expensive leather boots (Nordstroms) for around $50.00 a pair..brand new..Can't beat that..I know one pair was originally $400..Lots of new stuff on Ebay these days..Good luck with your sale..Happy Thanksgiving
Comfypjs said…
I only use eBay if I find something I'm looking for to buy. I tried selling something once and ran into the same thing that they would take a percentage. It seemed way to complicated so I sold it on Craig's List instead. I did take precautions and did not have the people come to my home but met them in a public place. The transaction was with cash.

I sold my 6+ iPhone to my nail person for $200. I also have camera equipment that I want to sell. Stepping down from a big huge camera to one that is not so bulky that I don't want to lug it around. I had no idea B&H and Apple would take trade-ins so I will definitely try that!

Good luck selling all your stuff and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
C-ingspots said…
Beautiful birdie!! I would love to simplify and get rid of so much, but dislike the process of trying to sell on CL or other sites, so I almost always take everything to Goodwill instead. I get that blank receipt for which I can claim a fair value on my taxes. I just don't care.
Happy Thanksgiving!
My goodness you seem to be selling everything so good luck in getting things sorted. Have you read the book the more of less my goodness you seem to be selling everything so good luck in getting things sorted. Have you read the book the more of less? It is a brilliant little book and was recommended to me sometime ago by a blogger and I have since learnt by book to several people and got another one for a friend. Everyone should read this little book
Daryl said…
i should get rid of a lot of things ... letting go it hard ... i give my old gently worn clothes to a friend who picks what she wants and passes it along ... things like shoes and purses i donate and take a tax deduction .. win win .. i should take my Nikon and all the lenses to B&H but i cant seem to decide if i am serious about letting them go ... i did trade in my old iPad and got an Apple/iTunes gift card for it .. not bad ...
Lynne said…
I need to sell things . . .
First I need to set up the mini store here to arrange alll my TO SELL items . . .
Good luck . . . January . . . I will "clean house" and sell it all

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