I travelled a fair amount when I was in my 30s and 40s.   A lot of it was on company business and we didn't have a strict budget, so I could stay in nice hotels and not be too concerned about the cost.   Although some were nicer or fancier than others, there is still a certain sameness when you check in to one and another and another.   

I no longer have a need or burning desire to travel.   Sure, I'd like to visit Paris again or Austria or Italy.   But it's just not in the plans for the foreseeable future.   So back to the point I was going to make.   Hotels are just....hotels.   When we made our plans to spend the weekend in Palm Springs, we opted out of the busier hotel where the wedding was being held.   We chose a small place across the street, mostly because it was less expensive, but what we found was a nice little relatively quiet retreat.   The Desert Riviera.   A charming little mid-century style spot amid the busy "getaway" spot of Palm Springs.   We loved it.

The last photo is the sunrise on the mountain.   It was so beautiful.   I definitely recommend this place if you plan to visit the area.   

Enjoy your day.


Comfypjs said…
I personally don't need a fancy hotel when travelling mainly because I usually on sleep there. What I do require is for it to be clean. The place you have shown here looks to be fabulous. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
This N That said…
Beautiful..When I used to travel all I required was a bed and bath and good food..No point in spending a lot of money on hotels..Business trips were very different ;)..Glad you got to go all those places..Hope you are having a great week..
Looks like a fabulous place. Been many years since I was in Palm Springs and I bet it is busier now than then.
The bikes look so welcoming. The grounds are lovely. I book off of Expedia and several times the hotel wasn't like the description. We always make the best of it. My grandson and I need a pool. We are all about the sightseeing anyways.
Andrew Crowder said…
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