All is Calm, All is Bright

Christmas is over and the house is quiet.   The sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful blue.   Does that sound as though I'm trying to write a poem?   Although I should find something productive to do on this pretty day, I am at the tail end (fingers crossed) of this cold that is moving ever so slowly through my body.   It hasn't been a bad nasty, stay in bed all day, kind of cold. It's just lingering and dragging me down a bit, making me want to stay inside to avoid the chilly wind that we've had.   Truly, I figure one more day (again, fingers crossed).   

Late yesterday, around 6:00, I discovered there is a Game of Thrones marathon on HBO.   I am a person who has never seen one single episode of this show.   Nary a one.   Unfortunately I missed the first six hours/episodes, but caught the last four episodes of Season 1.   Season 2 will air starting at noon today, running for another 10 hours I suppose.  All six seasons will air through this Saturday, bringing everyone up to date.   Although it's a bit confusing to begin at Episode 7, I really enjoyed it.   I'm not quite sure who is who, which brother fathered which offspring, which sister is married to which king/lord/whatever.   But I'm getting there. I'm jumping onboard the Game of Thrones adventure.

One of our girls was here for the Christmas weekend and we enjoyed her visit a lot, as always.   She had a job offer just before the weekend and is thrilled to be going back to the fashion industry after a bit of time away.   It's a brand that has beautiful fashion so I figure I'm in for a transition to silk and satin.   No, not really, but they do have beautiful clothes.   And next time I need a dress for an occasion, I'll have to tap her employee discount.   

I hope you're all finding time to relax and get back to normal days after the holiday.   Our holiday goodies are nearly gone, I am finishing leftover Chinese food today, and throughout the week I will gradually put decorations back in their boxes.   Normal is a good thing.   Thanks for stopping by.


C-ingspots said…
I agree that it feels good to get back to normal after the hurry and rushing of the holidays. I too, have been feeling the need for more rest. I'm not sick, but find myself with low energy and wanting only to stay inside by the fire, watch tv, read and sleep. Flannel sheets, a down comforter and my cozy bed keep calling me. I do hope you feel much better tomorrow. I haven't seen a single episode of that show either...nary a one!
This N That said…
Sorry your cold is taking it's good old time leaving you..I hope it only takes one more day!
I never saw Game of Thrones..I chose Netflix over HBO. Glad you got to see most of it..I guess you are hooked now? Silk and satin..doesn't sound like either..
My indoor decorations are put away..I'll do the outside over the weekend or maybe sooner..I'll leave the spotlight on my wreath for a few more days.
Yes, normal is a good thing..Happy 2017
Hope you feel better soon! Definitely a good week to rest and relax; it's so chilly outside. Enjoy your Game of Thrones marathon, I watched for several seasons but didn't stay current so now I'd be totally lost.
Stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year!
An incredibly beautiful sky photo! Love the colours!

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