A Short Break

We had a day and a half of clear weather between the January storms that may break some records.   I headed to the coast yesterday so I could at least have a few photos to play with during the upcoming deluge.   I was glad I got back early afternoon because later, a rockslide on Highway 41 closed the road between Atascadero and Morro Bay.   Getting stuck behind that would have ruined my day, I believe.   

See the hills?   They are turning green!   One thing I believe all Californians agree on is that we love our green hills.   Once these next few storms are over, the hills will be spectacular.   In the meantime, we have Netflix, Amazon Prime, a couple books, Instant Pot recipes to try, and maybe a movie at the theatre if we can find one worth the price.   

Enjoy your weekend!


Cloudia said…
Yes! I love the green Marin hills! Enjoy your weekend
Definitely loving the green hills and the rain! I also think this is the nicest time of year to be at the beach...sunny and uncrowded.
Your hills turn green when ours are frozen...lol..

Pepper Medley said…
Great photos and post, Sis. Glad you were not stuck on the highway. THAT would have ruined anyone's day.
This N That said…
Always nice to see green..Glad you missed the rockslide..Beautiful beat scene.Have a good week.

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