Monday Came Round

It rained and rained all day Sunday.   But then Monday came 'round and we had a beautiful welcome break.   I decided to drive over to the coast again because I just love it after a storm.   It was clear at home, pouring rain and windy as I drove over Highway 46, then gorgeous as I dropped down closer to Highway 1.   The hills looked like Ireland.   Okay, I've never been to Ireland but I've seen it in movies, most recently "P.S. I Love You" which seems to be playing over and over.   

The ocean is just over those hills.   There are no pullouts along this stretch of road to stop and capture the beauty, which is frustrating.   And we have a new law in California that doesn't allow us to put our hands on our phones while driving.   There are two drives into properties where I stopped to quickly take a few shots but not really the views I wanted.   I'd love to ask the people who own those properties if I could tromp around their fields with the cows someday.   I'm sure I'm not the only person with a camera who'd love to do that so they'd likely say No.

I reached Cambria and saw that the surf was still high from the storms.   I walked and took photos for some time and then drove back home.   I'm always thankful I can have these experiences so close to home.   I don't think anyone here takes it for granted.

I hope you have a nice weekend.   We finally have sunshine again - Yay!   Thanks for stopping by.


Love that last image.. just beautiful -
Tabor said…
That part of America is stunning!! Great photography.
Lynne said…
So gorgeous . . .
And it does look like Ireland!
Give it a try . . . maybe they would love a photographer visiting them!
I'm not used to seeing green hills in California lately It's amazing!!
This N That said…
Gorgeous..very similar to the Southern coast of Ireland..We actually had a bit of sunshine each of the last two days..Didn't last very long..You are so lucky to be that close to the coast..Thanks for sharing..
shirley said…
I'm glad you got rain to end the drought, and now some sunshine. I love your boardwalk photo. I've haven't been around much, I have some catching up to do!
Have a great day Denise.
Daryl said…
what beauty surrounds you ... i would be so frustrated to not be able to pull over and grab a few quick snaps
Unknown said…
maybe they would love a photographer visiting them!


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