Nowhere To Run

The ground is saturated.   I feel so sorry for the people in flooded areas.   People are starting to complain about the days of rain, but all I can think about is that water going into the ground, filling reservoirs, helping the aquifers in some areas, watering our thirsty trees, bringing up the lake and creek levels for the fish, and improving the drought conditions in a large portion of our state north of here.   And the wildflowers that should be abundant in a few months.   

All Erik is thinking about is that he needs the John Deere mower serviced and sharpened.

Tomorrow we will start to dry out for a few days.


Helen said…
Look at that fabulous perfect reflection of the sky in the puddle!
C-ingspots said…
When it rains it pours! I've seem some terribly flooded areas in Cali, Nv and NM on the news lately. Wow, it's hard to be thankful when it happens in such abundance. We've had our 4th snow storm and this time it came on very suddenly. Within a couple of hours, we had about 4" and in nearby Portland there were areas with about a foot. We don't do well when we get that much snow, people should just stay home, but this one hit when most people were already heading home. No ice this time, just the snow, but fiascos were everywhere. I just keep thinking that we're finally having a real winter for a change!
PKBrandon said…
Thank you for appreciating the rain! People complain about it all the time but we NEED it - especially where you live. :)
This N That said…
It has been pretty soggy around here as well. The temperatures are in the 60s one day and the 20s the next Same for next week..more rain and snow showers.. just crazy! ..muddy too now that the ground is thawing..
Lynne said…
I have been listening and watching your weather news.
I agre with appreciating all the rain, moisture.
No more drought, happy plants and animals.
What a fabulous sky image you capture. Have a wonderful weekend

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