Apples and Oranges

A few months ago I found a good deal on Amazon for a Vitamix.   I really really like it and have used it quite a bit.   I've done a lot of carrots, as well as apples and oranges.   Last week I found nice fresh strawberries and added those along with some banana.   I have used some Greek yogurt but as I try to limit dairy, that isn't an every day ingredient for me.   Organic blueberries were good but I think I would need to use them a little more sparingly as they overwhelm everything else.   I've tried adding spinach and it was okay.   I'm not totally sold on green smoothies but I do try to incorporate it from time to time.

The next thing I am going to try is pesto.   The biggest issue for me with pesto is that it's not easy to find large bundles of basil.   I think I will have to plant some so it doesn't become an issue that is keeping me from making pesto.   By the way, I'm not a big fan of most pesto in restaurants.   There are many variations on the theme so I hope to find one I like.   Having fresh basil in a planter outside my door would help me with the trials I think I would need.   

Do you have a Vitamix or some similar blender?   I'm always looking for ideas besides those I see online.   

Speaking of orange....and yes, I was, in a way.   Our long awaited Winter rains are here, although not as big as we need.   Along with the rains come beautiful clouds and sunrises/sunsets.   And the color orange.   I forgot to mention it yesterday although it makes me happy to have some in my surroundings.   

It looks to be a nice day here and I cross my fingers that the wind won't kick up.   I'm going to ride Beau and run a couple errands for dog food and people food.   As always, thanks for stopping by!

I had to go back and edit this post because writing early in the morning, I mentioned oregano in pesto which of course was wrong, as kindly pointed out by Hilary :-)   


Hilary said…
Oregano in Pesto????

you meant Basil, right?
This N That said…
I don't have a Vitamin..I went thru the smoothie thing last year..I guess I'm over it now..I love your always..beautiful colors..Have a happy day!!
Lynne said…
I don’t have a Vitamix either . . .
Although I do mix up a smoothie every once in awhile in my blender.
I agree, blueberries can overwhelm. A few go along way!
I’d like making pesto . . . and basil growing in a pot outside the door, I like that thought.
A few years ago I filled one of my large pots with all kinds of lettuce.
A salad a day, it was marvelous and ALL THAT GREEN . . . yummy!

Loved your photos . . . beautiful sky, clouds, color . . .
Hope more rain arrives for you.
Comfypjs said…
I have a Vitamix and like everyone else went through the smoothie stage. I made one once that had pear, yogurt, protein powder, flax seed and some cinnamon & nutmeg. It was delicious but smoothies can be very high in calories.
As for pesto, I use olive oil, garlic, basil and Italian parsley. I chopped up all the garlic and herbs & slow cook it over low heat for about an hour. I do not put cheese or pine nuts in it. I used to put it on ricotta filled tortellini but I am not really into pasta anymore even though I am Italian. My siblings and I have decided that as you get older you lose your taste for food that you used to just love.
Love all your beautiful photos!
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