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I checked in to my blog to make sure it's still here.   I walked away from it several months ago with nothing to say.   I still don't have much of anything to say except that we've had rainy and stormy weather.   Weather like this always lures me out and about with my camera because it's such a welcome change from the months of brown.   I'm able to capture some of the beauty of the Central Coast with inspiration all around.   And so this is one more place I can share my photos, which I shall.   Some of you are with me on social media and so you've seen these already.   Before I tuck them away in Dropbox, I'll also share them here.   So please indulge me.

Another reason for so many recent photos is that I bought a new "walk around" camera that I'm enjoying.   It's a Sony RX10 with a "super zoom" Zeiss lens.   So often I want to go from a wide shot to a close up shot, and I don't like changing lenses while I'm out walking around, especially in weather.   This offers me both and I like it quite a lot.   I traded in my Sony a6000 with lenses and it made this much more affordable.

The lake shots are from Atascadero Lake.   The ocean shots are from Morro Bay.   I may drive to Cambria today for some more shots of the coast after our storms.   It's really the best time.  

I hope you're all well and I want to thank you for stopping by.   


HAPPY NEW YEAR Denise It is lovely to have you back to blogging as I have missed your wonderful photographs. The light in the 2nd image is superb. Looking forward to seeing more images from you. You new camera is working well.
Hilary said…
I love your pictures......and I know you said you were thinking about moving.....I wonder how much you will miss that ocean view......probably not some of the other hazards of CA though.
This N That said…
Welcome back!! I missed you and your beautiful pictures..Your new camera is doing the job...I got rid of my Cannon several years ago that had three lenses..What a pain..I have been using a Cannon SH60 or 70HS..Powershot..love it..Happy New Year to you.
Glad you are back, I have missed getting my hometown fix from your beautiful photos! SO glad you've had plenty of rain once again this year...even more so because when you get the rain, we get sunshine here in Oregon! I think it's a win/win arrangement.
Lynne said…
Great to see you here . . . .
I have been enjoying following you on FB too.
Your photos are wonderful.
Thank you for the camera info, from Missy too.
Daryl said…
i follow you on Instagram but their absurd logrhythm doesnt always let me see them! AND i have the same feeling, it i am sharing via IG why put them on my blog .. i decided people who read my blog, the very few, dont follow me on IG .. so i have been posting on both .. and occasionally sharing on FB where i truly almost never go and since Networked Blogs stopped its free publishing service my blog doesnt link w/FB .. long way to say please keep posting your pix here
Hi Denise! I've missed you! :-) It's so good to see a post from you - I don't know where to find you on Facebook, but will look on Instagram where I am sometimes.

But your photos are lovely - I've missed seeing them too! I do hope you are doing well, and your year is off to a good start!
shirley said…
Great to see you! Wonderful photos as always. Your new camera is intriguing to me as my daughter wants something better than her current iPhone. I will have to add it to my list for her to consider.
I've been very sporadic on the blog as well, but have managed to take recent photos with the big camera. Feels good to do so.
Hope you continue to post!
I've been thinking of getting a new little all purpose camera too. Somehow, I'm not too interested in changing lenses either. Glad you're well. Send us more pictures, please.
Green Monkey said…
these are stunning! I have been MIA for a very long time so I have some catching up to do! Hope you are well!
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