Not My Usual

I'm not sure if I have ever blogged about apparel or accessories or those types of things.   I purchased a couple things this year that I am so very happy to have with the very rainy Winter weather we're having.   I often shop for equestrian products, either online or at tack stores.   For those of you who aren't involved in the equestrian world, you would probably not consider that.   Let me tell you....they have some of the best gear for comfort and use, and I don't find it to be overly expensive for the quality.

I really really needed a new raincoat this year since those I have are actually water resistant and quite lightweight.   Yep, if it rains hard, I end up drenched.   So this year I purchased this coat and I absolutely love it.

I purchased it in an eggplant plaid which I don't see on this page, but all you would have to do is Google Kerrits and look for this jacket at other sites.   

The other item I've long wanted is a pair of tall equestrian boots for "around the barn" rather than riding boots.   I already have tall riding boots but they aren't for walking around and keeping your feet warm.   This year I finally got the boots I wanted and again, I absolutely love them.   My feet were getting so cold when temperatures dropped beginning in December.   I tried on several pairs and came back to Ariat which always seems to fit me best.

Again, you can find them online at various places or check a local tack store if you have one.

I am really set for quite a while with these two additions.   I've spent very little time at the barn the past few weeks with the downpours we've had, and it's taking its toll on my fitness.   Fortunately with the procedure I had yesterday (all was well), I have no desire to eat things that are really bad for me.   There's something about cleaning out your system that makes you want to keep it clean, at least for me.   We'll see how long that lasts, but hopefully I can get back to regular riding soon and work on my fitness again.

I hope you had lots of love yesterday and every day, be it from a spouse/partner, children, friends, or pets.   Thanks for stopping by.


This N That said…
Cute the boots..I have too many of each..They seem to be my downfall..My coats are LLBean down filled and I've had them for years..The one I walk Mollie all kinds of weather..I'm never cold..Fortunately I bought a second one 10 years ago because I liked it so much..I just got that one out this winter...They are now almost $500...great coat..I hope you are soon back in the saddle..
Lynne said…
Really like the jacket!
And for some reason, I think a double zipper is a must.
Love that feature, mostly when having a coat/jacket on and driving,
it is added comfort to have that 2-way zipper.
I need some new boots for walking in this almost impossible winter weather.
It is a confusing mess out there this year, here in Western Michigan.
Deep snow, ice, new snow cover and more ice . . . daily . . . makes it interesting.

Happy to hear your test is over and with positive results.
I too feel, clean track, why load it back up with junk!
Pepper Medley said…
I sure do like the color of that jacket! You are getting a lot of use out of it this winter with all the rain you are getting. Great year to buy it!
Love both!! Very practical for barn chores!
Can I ask you did you ever mention a little decluttering book on your blog about 2 years ago? I cannot remember the name of it.
Annsterw said…
I am so happy I found your blog!!! I am now following you - you can follow back if you wish at Annster's Domain

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