Put It Behind Me

Okay, maybe that's a bad title.   Truth is, I have a colonoscopy on Thursday and I start the prep today with a laxative.   I already have a stomach ache.   It's the one screening that everyone dreads because of the prep involved, right?   It's pretty chilly outside today and is supposed to rain the next couple of days, so here I sit.   I'm trying to move the clock ahead in my mind and just not think too much about it.

Edit photos, read, nap, eat Gummies, repeat.   

Here's the photo part.

Red tail hawk eating a rodent out on our property.   It was a cold rainy day so he/she was probably drying its wings.   Raptors are just beautiful birds, in my opinion.

 I think this is a  young Coopers Hawk, hanging out on some fencing.   Again, a very pretty bird, and no threat to our chickens.

A squirrel in the park

A different day, a presumably different squirrel

I think I'm about ready for a midday nap, just to pass a little more time.   I appreciate your visit....have a great day!


Tabor said…
I also admire the raptors. I have seen the smaller hawks zip through the trees after prey which ca make me catch my breath.
This N That said…
How is that Hawk not a threat to your chickens?? Not free range? Good luck with your Colonoscopy..Yes, the Prep is dreadful but at least we don't have to drink a gallon of salt water any more...I don't think gummies are part of the prep !!!
Yes I do not envy that procedure but all the best for today (Thursday). I will be thinking of you. Never seen a bird of prey spreading his wings like that to dry them.
Anonymous said…
Your wildlife photos are as amazing as your landscape photos !! Good luck on Thursday --- you are correct, the prep is the worse part. Linda in Tn
Hilary said…
I had my LAST colonoscopy last year.......that's it, I'm done. They said....see you in 10 years. I just laughed.....because they won't!!!!!
I'm always afraid of hawks with my chickens, but then they are so fat, I doubt any hawk could pick them up.
Good luck tomorrow, prep is never fun but by tomorrow afternoon you'll be back to normal again and able to have a nice dinner. Up here the turkey vultures open their wings to sun themselves sometimes,and to see a row of 6 or so doing it is a hoot. Unfortunately I've never been able to get close enough to get a pic.
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