Thank you all for your thoughtful comments about dogs.   It's always so interesting to hear people's thoughts on any subject and especially one that has so much feeling involved.   We all have a different story, past and present, that shapes our feelings and choices today.   We have different things that make us feel comfortable in our homes, comfortable in our lives, and hopefully happy in our relationships.   

I've done a lot of things in my life that I absolutely enjoyed at the time.   I sometimes imagine myself doing them again, reliving something that invokes a great memory.   Or I imagine myself doing something that's a bit of a dream in my head, but in reality I won't ever do it.   I was that way with horses.   I saw others doing things like riding on the beach, trail riding on a regular basis, doing more Western type riding, and it all looked like fun.   I wanted a more versatile horse to do those things.   I wanted those experiences that Beau is not suitable for.   The reality of doing those things is you have to find the right horse, the right saddle, be willing to get up and out early, hook up the trailer, haul out somewhere, be able to get up on your horse without the aid of a large mounting block (I have a weak left ankle), and be gone for quite a while dealing with the heat, etc.   Several of those things don't actually appeal to me.   I'm quite content having my horse stabled and having a comfortable situation for riding.   So I've finally settled into knowing the difference between imaging something and making a choice based in the reality of what I know is comfortable and happy for me.   

I've travelled enough in life to be satisfied.   I'd like to travel more, but how much will I really do that?   It's expenive, it's kind of tiring, and at this point Erik can't get away very often, very easily.   When he's working, I like the feeling of companionship and protection.   Our dogs have been good ranch dogs and provided hours of entertainment and protection.   Are they work?   Yes, of course.   Do they bring in dirt?   Yes, of course.   They also kept each other company if I wanted to be gone all day.   The real issue has been finding someone to stay here for them and for the chickens, if we wanted to go overnight or for a few days.   They were never boarded anywhere and so that was never an option.   As long as we have Zach, that will be the thing that keeps me home.   I want to find a new dog that will be better suited for boarding if that becomes necessary.   Honestly?   The chickens have been more of a responsibility than the dogs over the years.   Crazy, I know!   They have to go in at dark or be eaten by wolves (that's what I tell them), so even driving to the coast for sunset photos is not easy.   No more chickens!!!!

I believe the key to happiness is finding it at home, finding it when your spouse/partner if you have one, and living the life you want on a daily basis.   That may be a dog or cat or bird,  it may be a horse, it may be gardening (something I'm not good at), it may be photography or painting or writing or cooking.  It may be decorating your home or spending time with your grands.  It may be hiking.  But it should be something you will really do, not just imagine doing.   Imagining things that you won't actually do, thinking that's the key to happiness, can distract from being satisfied with your current life.   Find something you love. 

This was a bit lengthy.   I guess my point is, we all find our happiness in different ways.   What makes sense for one person may not make sense for another.   Erik and I really like our lives and we're thankful for what we have.   Not every day is perfect and there are always challenges.   Isn't that what life is about?   Life is short, my friends.   Choose your joy.

Here's a yellow wildflower because it's Spring and I love the colors of the season.


Great post! I think this is the kind of wisdom that comes at our age...we can hear about new things, or think about them, and really know if they're the right thing for us or not, based on knowing ourselves and our past experiences. To be able to say, "x" would be fun but I really don't want to have to deal with the "y" that comes with it," is a great life skill to have, and usually only comes in the second half of life!
Tabor said…
Dogsitting for 10 days with my daughters little dog...that is going to be interesting and worth at least one post.
This N That said…
Sounds to me like you need another dog. Maybe two...Very wise post. Enjoy your weekend.
Hilary said…
All so is easy to want something you don't have, but in reality would probably never do.
We have to find our passion, and love our lives. Sometimes, it's not easy, but it's the only way to live really.
Yes everyone is different and everyone has to make their own choices in life and then live with those choices. If you a=have decided to get a dog and as you present dog is old, then as someone else suggested, perhaps you might consider getting tow because then when you old dog does, the tow will each have a companion. Just a thought otherwise you are back to the situation of today of having only 1 dog and no company for him/her. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Daryl said…
very well said ...
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