Should We?

In December we lost our dear sweet Zoey.   We had the two dogs since they were pups so they were brother and sister from other mothers and fathers.   She lived a wonderfully happy 12 years and yet we were very sad that she had to go.   Zach is also 12 and although he's happy and healthy, he's slowed down considerably.   He has arthritis in his hips so going out and running around isn't his favorite way to spend the hours.   He spends a lot of his hours sleeping.   

We are talking about whether to bring home another dog.   So many people have told me that their senior dogs benefit a lot from having a younger companion to help give energy to the pack.   I have so many requirements of a dog that I'm not sure it will be easy to find.   Our property is full of foxtail stickers which are frustrating as well as a health threat to dogs.   My Airedale was the same color as the stickers and it was a nightmare trying to keep them out of her toes.   Zoey ran through the grasses with enthusiasm and it was a daily chore to keep the stickers picked from her.   And so I want to choose a dog with short hair this time around.   

I have no issue with pitbulls and the shelters always have an abundance, but they can be dog aggressive and I don't think that's the best companion for our boy.   I hate the stigma that comes with the breed, but it's real and sadly so many haven't been raised in a way that makes me feel it's the best choice for us.   Other specific breeds have health issues that concern me and I just don't want to deal with it.   I love Dachshunds and think they are one of the most adorable dogs.   One of our vet techs told me that they are very expensive dogs to have because of the myriad of health issues.   

So here I sit, giving a lot of thought to what would make a good addition to our pack.   I could and would love another dog regardless of my list, that goes without saying.   I would just like to give it enough thought that it's not a decision that makes daily life a struggle.   

In the meantime, here are some flowers and a duck.

It's Springtime!


Here's my advice - go to the shelters and meet the dogs there - I have found the mutts to be the most loving companions! They come in all sizes and ages, and plenty are short haired. Wait until you meet one that really speaks to you, one you feel a connection with - and have a meet and greet with your older dog. I have found in my lifetime of owning at least one dog and most often at least 2 (currently 4) they love the dog companionship of not being an only child.

Regarding dachshunds - I've had two - My first was a female and she was awesome - got along with everyone. No health issues. My second was a male - no health issues until he was 12, but he was a marker. Male dachshunds are famous for being markers (pee on everything to mark territory - inside and out) . So if you get a dachs - go with female to be safe, and if you want to adopt and not shop, look for a dachshund rescue, or a reputable breeder.
Hilary said…
I agree with Karen........I have had three pit bulls, and they were all amazing. Roy, my last one, was very sweet with other dogs....if you find the right pit, you won't have to worry about your older dog at all....and it will probably be a comfort. I like rescues, as opposed to shelters, because they seem to know their dogs better.
Tabor said…
you have time to decide on the dog issue. Cali is so beautiful now that the drought is moving into history.
Pepper Medley said…
Well, you have already mentioned that you can't travel due to not having anyone willing to watch your current pup 24/7, so I don't see the sense in adopting a second dog. Don't let your heart rule instead of your brain, unless you want to be tied down to home for what could be another 10 years imho. Yes, it's nice to help a dog in need of a home, but you need to decide what your priorities are at this point in life first.
This N That said…
I have known wonderful Kitties but would be leary of owning them.Too big for me anyway..I agree..go to the pound..I have friends who have had a lot of luck with rescues...We always say they are wonderful because they are grateful for a home...Good luck..I think a second dog is always good company for the first..Keeps the young..
Some friends of ours decided that once their last dog passed, they would take a brief "vacation" from being pet owners for awhile, just to see how it felt. They wanted more freedom to travel -- even just short overnight trips to the Bay Area -- without having to make accommodations for their dogs. Plus take a break from shots, vet trips, grooming, etc. So far, they're totally happy. We've decided to do the same thing. As we've literally had at least one dog in our household for the last 30 years, we think a break for us would be a good thing, too once our current pooch is gone (he's 8 right now). Just keep in mind that if you buy a young dog to keep your old dog company, someday THAT dog will be the "old dog" and buy another one to keep him company? It could turn into a perpetual thing!
I love dogs however like others have said, do not rush into having an additional one. Step back and consider, do you want tied up with the responsibility for perhaps 10 -15 years of having a new dog and being tied down. It all depends what you want to do in life at this stage. If you never want to travel, even for an overnight or a long weekend let alone a holiday when you want, then get a dog, however if you do want these things (and life .
is short) then do not get another dog. Walk someone else's dog especially if they are not as able to do so. I know this is NOT then same as having your own but in life you cannot have everything that is why you should decide what you would like to do for the next 10 or so years.
Hi such an interesting post. We have two rescued dogs, a German Shepherd and a Black Lab. The shepherd is amazingly loyal, we love him to pieces... but sheds 365 days of the year,so there's that. The Lab has a beautiful temperment, is short haired and sheds a little. Probably every breed has its good and bad points. Rescued dogs are the only way we go but that has to be a personal choice. Thanks for sharing your eloquent thoughts on this topic.
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