Things are Ducky

We are soaked with rain this year.   Absolutely soaked.   I have so enjoyed it because I know it's a precious thing to have our groundwater replenished, reservoir levels restored, record snow pack in the mountains, and easing of our long drought.   People are now complaining, but mostly those people are the ones taking care of animals on their property.   Cleaning out paddocks, shoveling manure, dealing with mud and other chores are tedious when we have ongoing rains.   I don't do that anymore.   Besides our remaining 3 hens and our dog, we don't have animal responsibility at our home.   Beau lives elsewhere so his chores don't fall on my shoulders.   

Erik and I talk about his crops coming in, which means that the grass on the property is lush and long and is going to need mowing soon.   Truth be told, he loves to spend time on his John Deere while taking down fire danger and making things look tidy.   I sometimes think people in other parts of the country don't really understand why we celebrate our green hills as much as we do.   When they turn golden again, it's a different kind of beauty that sadly gets old rather quickly.   And so by August we are waiting for the rain and the green once again.   Mother Nature was kind this year.

Ducks are in abundance at our small local lake.   They are tucked in along the edges, digging in the mud for something to eat, cruising around the lake making pretty trails in the water, and delighting people like me who enjoy their beauty and sounds and the peacefulness they bring.

If you live somewhere cold and snowy, I hope for your sake that Winter is almost over.   For me, I am clinging to the green beauty of the Central Coast for as long as possible.   Have a good Friday and nice weekend, and thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said…
Simple LOVE your photos !!! Have you ever considered a calendar using your beautiful pictures from Cali ? I would buy one in a second !! A question if you wouldn't mind---- your sister used to blog about her life and her husband who was retiring (?) and their 2 beautiful bulldogs and lived in Virginia I believe. I lost touch with her blog and have often though about her. Does she still blog and would her blog be available to view ? Have a wonderful day and keep those fabulous photos coming !! Linda in Tn.
This N That said…
Beautiful pictures Denise.Very handsome ducks. Yes, I have heard of all the rain that you have experienced lately..Feast or famine..We have had several back to back small snowstorms lately ....pretty And not melting because of the cold. This weekend is to get a bit warmer and rain.Our winter has been wet and a little bit warmer than usual. Enjoy your weekend.
What beautiful photographs and that is a gorgeous lake. GREEN well I live i Northern Ireland we have over 40 shades of green here nearly all the time. I think you might like that. Have a wonderful weekend.
Tabor said…
Beautiful break to my gray and cold day.
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