Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grandma Flowers

There are a few flowers that just remind me of my grandma.   They seemed to grow in bushes around her house and garden and always seemed so fragrant, at least in my memory.   I suppose that's why I think of some flowers as "grandma flowers" and wish that I could have a home surrounded by them all.   The few that come to mind are Hydrangeas, Peonies, and Lilacs.   I don't think I could successfully grow Hydrangeas and Peonies, but I have a big Lilac bush and a new one in the ground for the future.   The fragrance from the one bush is so awesome, it fills the air.   I look forward to having two in full bloom and imagine an even greater lush fragrance when I step outside.   I highly recommend them.   

Do you have Grandma Flowers?   

Enjoy your Sunday!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Alas, My Crabapples

In the past, I have taken many many photos of the beautiful blossoms on my crabapple tree.   They start as little pink buds, open up, and eventually turn white.   The weather was cruel to me this year.   I have only a few blossoms on my tree and it has simply spoiled my April photography fun.   Maybe next year.   *sigh*

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I took the camera outside for a little while this morning to take photos of several of my favorite subjects, most notably the burrito brothers.

Erik and I are going for a massage later today.   If anyone is looking for me....well, just don't.   I will probably be relaxing until it's time to feed the critters.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Idyllic Setting

This is an area nearby that has the most beautiful rolling hills.   If I could buy the 200 acres that are for sale in this area, I would stay there forever.   I suppose I would have to keep these cows because they look like they are pretty content.   

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Gilroy is the garlic capital of the world.   Yes, you can smell the garlic as you drive through the area.   But on this particular day, I would say Mustard was ruling the fields.    And doing a spectacular job of it.

Just the Facts

Before I got involved just recently, I had no idea about the facts surrounding horse slaughter.   It's very easy to just "not pay attention" to issues.   And we all know there are sooooo many issues that need attention.   So we all choose and hopefully by doing so, we can help to keep some pressure on our lawmakers to represent us in the way we would like.   Politics is a big dirty business, we all know that's a fact.   I am only one person, but today I choose to support an issue I care about by posting information here on my blog.   I hope it brings some awareness to this issue that I care about, and maybe some of you will learn something about this horrific treatment of these magnificent animals.    This is not a humane end to their lives, this is a dirty business with ruthless people involved.   And it should be stopped.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just a Couple of Favorites

I shared these photos on Facebook this week and just keep going back to them because I love 'em.   Cooper is doing so well living at my friend's barn.   I spend time with him almost every day.   Last weekend I turned him out after a couple of days of rain.   The horses were in their stalls/covered runs for two full you can imagine they were ready to get out.   

My friend's granddog is the cutest bulldog named Chana.   She has appointed herself the ranch dog and has a ton of fun with her responsibilities.   The horses love her and we just laugh at her antics.   She wanted Cooper to play with her so she would get down in the play stance and try to encourage him.   A video would have been a lot of fun.

And when she's done running around, eating manure, slopping through the mud, and having great fun, her dad walks down to retrieve her and take her back to the house....stinky and happy.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Hills

It's Spring and this is the glory of the Central Coast when we've had rain.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sweet Lilacs

I don't have as many blossoms on my lilac bush this year.   It might be due to the dry winter, I suppose.   It's been one of my favorite photo subjects each year so I'm a little disappointed that it's not sharing quite as much with me.   I also have NO blossoms on my crabapple tree.   They were starting to come out a few weeks ago when we were hit with heavy rain and wind.   I think they were all knocked to the ground...another BIG disappointment since that is my very very favorite photo subject.   Ah well, we just do the best we can when Mother Nature takes away some of our fun.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Swayin' in the Wind

I love beach grass.   I could take a thousand photos of it and still not be able to decide on my favorites.   It's very very rainy here the past few days so inland grasses will be growing like crazy and making our hillsides green.     But it's still the beach grasses that I am drawn to and will continue to photograph.   Other good things about it?   You don't have to mow it and no allergies!

Have a nice Friday.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just Feelin' Groovy or Snoozy

This week has been about two things - my new horse and my ALLERGIES!   I absolutely love being outside and enjoying nice weather.   But this week - WHAM! - allergy season struck with a vengeance.   Not only has the tree pollen hit hard, but we have winds that just like to throw it around in our faces.   And so, I am either feelin' groovy spending time with Cooper or I am feelin' snoozy because of my allergies and a Benadryl hangover.   I take Allegra during the day but when the season gets bad like this, I have to add a Benadryl at night.   I would rather not.

Last night the weather changed and we have some late Spring rain.   It has really helped clear out the air and lower the pollen count, but the forecast says it will likely be back tomorrow.   And so I am one of the many many sufferers who have a love/hate relationship with Spring.   *sigh*

This morning I went over to my friend's barn and just as I arrived, the light rains started again.   We pulled up a couple chairs and sat in the empty stall/turnout with all four horses in theirs.   They relaxed and took horse naps while we talked for about 2 hours and drank our Starbucks.   It was delightful.   If you are a horse lover, you know the feeling of sitting in the barn and just hanging out with your animals.     You know the old saying, "Were you born in a barn?"   No, but I could have been and I would probably have been very happy!

I went to Trader Joe's for a few groceries, came home and had lunch, then ZZZZZZZ.....the Benadryl hangover hit me again and I took a nap.   What's a girl to do?   Just keep taking all my allergy meds until this season passes.   

This photo is from last week at Morro Bay.   It was also a very blustery day and I enjoyed being out in it.   But then, they don't have pollen at the coast.   So I was just feelin' groovy.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

He's Home

Cooper is here and he is so sweet.   I am smitten.

He felt safe enough to take a good long nap while his new friends kept watch in the other paddocks.

It was a good weekend:-)

Thursday, April 5, 2012


On Tuesday I took a drive to an area here in SLO County that is well known for fabulous wildflower displays.   Not much going on.   Wah!   I got stuck on a winding road and all I can say about that is, it's a good thing I was driving and not a passenger.   Did I mention I am very prone to motion sickness?   So after wasting a couple of hours and $$$$ in gas, I drove back home empty handed.

Yesterday we had another wave of high winds come rolling in from the north.   Our morning here was blustery and chilly, a little cloudy, and not very nice at all.   I had some banking and other fun stuff to take care of and by noon I was tired of all that.   So I took off again, this time headed toward the coast and the ever lovely Morro Bay.   

Eureka!!   I found a field of flowers, pulled over in my truck at a very convenient pullout (not always easy to find when I want to take photos), and delighted in the view.   Want to see it?   I know you do!

As my sister said, the greens of Spring are so fresh and so very different from the greens of Summer.   We don't really have greens of Summer here in our part of the world, but I have to agree with her about Spring.   

I went on to Morro Bay and the winds were whipping.   I took about 200 photos and have yet to do much editing, but honestly it looks like most of them won't need too much.   It was another 2-hour trip, but this one was so worth my time.   I drove back, stopped for a tri-tip salad to take home, and felt very satisfied.

The forecast calls for another day of high winds and higher gusts.   Maybe I should go back again:-)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Asian Pear

I hope you've tried these delicious pears.   I don't think I will have enough this year to be able to share with my friends, but won't it be nice in a few years to have a large tree full of sweet fruit?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Free HBO

Yesterday was very very windy and chilly all day long.   We would look outside and think it looked nice, then go out and be blasted with a wind from the north, gusting up to WhoKnowsWhat mph.   And so, we spent more time indoors than we normally would on a sunny Sunday.   I had spent a couple days dealing with all those difficult horse logistics and my brain was very very tired of thinking.   Then Erik came in the room and said, "We have free HBO."   Wahoo!!

I hadn't seen the movie "Bridesmaids" and have been hearing so much about it.   And there it was!!   I settled in for 2 hours and completely enjoyed it.   Have you seen it?   If not, you really should.   I don't know how long the free HBO will last, but I just might watch it again.

Ok, so continuing on the TV theme, I have recently discovered "An Idiot Abroad, The Bucket List" with three British blokes.   Is that still a correct term?   Bloke?   Anyway, it is hilarious if you like that dry type of humor.   They were having a marathon of episodes yesterday so I was catching up on the series.   

It turned into a rather mindless day of activity for me, and I needed a day like that.   So now I feel refreshed and ready for the new week.   My horse, Cooper, is getting on the trailer as we speak and heading for the West Coast.   Lucas is heading to New York for his new life at Monica's.   And all is well:-)

I am DEFINITELY going to take some new photos this week!   The wind and rain knocked young blossoms off my trees so I will go in search of some beauty elsewhere.   

Only one photo today.   These are a couple of our young fruit trees which Erik planted last year as bare roots.   I love to watch young trees grow up and look forward to the day when these are providing delicious fruit and welcome shade along this fenceline.

Enjoy your week.   I definitely plan on enjoying mine.

What Have They Done?

Blogger made some changes this week.   I didn't dig in enough to understand them because most, I'm sure, don't apply to my needs...