Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ups and Downs

We all have weeks/days like that, right?   I have been talking with someone for at least two months - or more - about my horse, Buddy.   They would ask me a hundred questions via email, then kind of disappear for a while.   Then the man came to try him, see if they were a fit.   Then nothing.   For about a month.   Then back again, interested in purchasing Buddy.   Finally, he showed up with his trailer, the vet (for a pre-purchase exam), and check in hand.   On Tuesday I sold Buddy to a fabulous home in Carmel Valley where horses check in and never leave.   All my anxiety about selling melted away and I was happy, relieved, finally able to exhale.  

We had dinner.   After dinner, I went outside to feed the chickens for the evening.   There on my front step was my beautiful rooster.   He had collapsed and was gone.   After all the emotion of the day, I just broke down.   He was such a big part of our place.   I am still sad.   When I think about him, I tear up.   He was a pet, not just a farm animal.   Always talking, always there, always underfoot, begging at the door for Cheerios, taking care of his girls.   It's a loss and I haven't come to terms with how much I loved a rooster.  

I've lived here for almost 14 years and have never seen an eagle on our property.   Yesterday I went outside to get the hens in their yard after hearing a hawk nearby.   I got them settled, looked up, and an eagle soared over, then landed on our back fence.   He/she was there for about 30 minutes.   I was in awe.   Just nature or a sign from the universe, I don't know.  

When an eagle drops by, just stop what you're doing and watch it.   It may never happen again.

Monday, June 13, 2016

It's Perfect - We'll Take It

It's been perfect weather here.   Squeezed in between the last heat wave and the one that's coming next weekend, we have enjoyed cool mornings, pretty cloudy skies, and the kind of weather you would like to keep all summer long.   There were horse events over the weekend that I attended for a while, watching friends show.   So different, one from the other.   There was a dressage show at the relatively new Paso Horse Park, a terrific venue that's hosting quite a few hunter/jumper shows and now dressage.   Normally in the summer it would be blazing hot in and around Paso Robles.   We were able to wear hats and sunscreen and be perfectly comfortable on Friday.

On Saturday some friends showed their horses at a completely different venue.   They showed in Western Dressage and also natural trail obstacles.   Very casual, laid back, not so serious environment.   It was a lot of fun to watch as I don't show.

Fun times with people I like, great weather, time outdoors....makes me happy.   Oh yes, and the Warriors won and the Giants took the series against the Dodgers.   Woohoo!

Have a good week.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Plan the Day

I sort of had the day planned, then realized I have an 11:00 massage appointment.   I usually schedule massages early afternoon so I have the morning free to take care of other things, ride my horse, run errands, all before I crash after my massage.   Also, I don't usually have them scheduled on Mondays.   Such a problem, I know.   Yet it throws a wrench in my morning.

Things to do:

Take care of chickens and dogs....goes without saying.
Take out the trash
Get cleaned up, shave my legs (shocking, but it IS Summer!)
Pay some bills online
Bemoan the fact that a gopher has dug a hole next to one of our Pony Plum trees.   Damnit!
Go out to the barn to feed my horses their supplements.   Feel bad that it's a nice morning and I don't have time to ride.
Write a short blog post.
Write a few things on Facebook.
Feel satisfied that the ant traps took care of the problem in the bathroom.
Clean the bathroom floor of all the dead ant bodies.
Go to Trader Joe's and cross my fingers that I can find a parking space for my truck.   
Buy horse feed and chicken feed and wait until tomorrow to dump all 50-lb. bags into storage containers.   Because of the massage, you know.   Don't want to mess that up the same day.
Tell the dogs to stop barking....several times.
Remove the stickers from Zoey for the 1000th time so far this Summer.
And so I best get moving.   

Sorry for no photos, but it wasn't on the list.


Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Brief Fly By

We had baby birds around this past month.   But just as happened with May, they are gone.   Some were lost to tragic circumstances, others walked away with their mama in search of a better life.   The cutest by far were these.

Other than the birds, I haven't been out with my camera.   The weather in May was ideal for riding so I took advantage of it.   With our first heat wave upon us, I need to find those indoor activities that usually....or always....elude me.   Short drives to the coast will probably be in order to breathe that fresh air.   If I find anything interesting, I'll be sure to share it with you.   Until then, I hope all is well in your world and thanks for stopping by.

What Have They Done?

Blogger made some changes this week.   I didn't dig in enough to understand them because most, I'm sure, don't apply to my needs...