Friday, July 14, 2017

There's More

I usually have a  favorite recent photo.   My  new header is the one I have used for my desktop and I haven't grown tired of looking at it.   However, the standard theme format I am using for my blog wouldn't fit the entire photo and so I'm a little disappointed about that.   Even though I don't blog very much anymore, it bothers me when things don't look quite right.

Here's the photo in its entirety.   It's not the same without the reflection.

It's been a mixed bag, this month of July.   We had an awful terrible miserable heat wave that rolled through, taking our "at home" temperatures up to 109 on two days.   Ugh.   All you can do is get as much done in the early morning as you can tolerate, then stay inside except for necessary short trips outside.   Add to that, the fact that we had 6 (!) wildfires burning across our county and adjacent counties, and the air was not healthy for a while.   It created lots of orange in the sky, but I'd rather have no fires and no orange.

Because we have water outside for our chickens, we have other birds and creatures that either live here or visit our watering hole.   Our resident wild rabbits were digging little troughs in the dirt to stay cool, always sharing space with the chickens.   

And then this big guy showed up.   Wow.   I see jackrabbits running through fields sometimes, but never quite this close.   They are huge, as big as a dog.   

As a contrast, this week brought temperatures in the mid 80's and let me just say, it was delightful.   I rode Beau, I ran some errands without desperately trying to escape the heat, I sat outside with the dogs and enjoyed an evening breeze, and just generally felt happy through the days.   Good thing, because this weekend will be super hot again.   The only good thing I am really looking forward to?   WINTER is coming!   No, not that Winter.   THIS Winter.

Game of Thrones!!!!   I got caught up on HBO during the heat wave (good timing, HBO), and cannot wait for the new season.   

That is all.   I'm sure there's more but I'll save it for another time.

Thanks for stopping by.

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