Saturday, April 11, 2015

Evening Visitors

Outside, waiting to close the chickens in for the night, and quietly observing the evening rituals of the critters that live on our property.   We hadn't seen Rocky for a few days and suddenly, footsteps on the roof.   I turned to the right and Rocky jumped from the roof to the ground.   Wow, pretty impressive.   He ran up the pine and stayed up there for a while, then decided it was safe to come down as I was being quiet and he could trust a little.   He got a drink from the chicken water bowls, then beat feet over to the crabapple, jumped over to his pine, and made his way up to his nest for the night.   

The sparrows had their turn at the water.   I had seen a different sparrow earlier in the day and he showed up.   I went online and ID'd him as a Golden Sparrow that spends winters in our area and then goes up north.   I'd never seen one here.   After I put the chickens to bed, I was taking a few photos of the resident dove couple, turned and stopped in my tracks, spotting a bright yellow bird at the water.   It's not easy to take a photo when you're turned halfway around and your feet are not positioned for standing still.   But I got a few of him before he took off.   I think it may be a Lesser Goldfinch?

We had a few of the usual hummers, our ever present Towhees,  the Starlings that I NEVER photograph (ick).   It was a nice evening hanging around watching the wildlife do what they do.

And evening ends.   All the critters have food and water and tomorrow it begins again.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mission San Antonio

This past Saturday, we drove out to Mission San Antonio.   Erik had been there many times in the past, but it's one that I had never seen.  It was so quiet and peaceful, I enjoyed being there and taking photos, and I was quite glad that we chose this past weekend rather than the coming weekend when Mission Days will be held.   The quiet of the missions is, to me, one of the things that makes them so special.

Pulling in, I was thrilled to find fields of wildflowers.   I love lupines and the fragrance was amazing. With no fences, you can enjoy them to the fullest.

We walked through the museum which is really well laid out and so interesting.   I have several photos which I'll try to remember to share another day.   This is the kitchen.   

After walking around inside, we went into the courtyard.   The gardens were not yet in full bloom but you can imagine how this will look when the roses show their stuff.

The church has that loveliness and simplicity of a mission.   Even with the retrofit going on, they are holding services there.

Along the walls in the courtyard, there are a few paintings of local critters.   They are so sweet in their simplicity.

If you get a chance to visit the California missions, put this one on your list.   Even with the retrofit activity on the exterior, it's worth driving off the freeway for a short ways.   More later....

Have a nice day!   We have rain coming....for real!

What Have They Done?

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