Thursday, March 31, 2016

If Only You Could

If only you could smell these lilacs.   I walk out my door and the fragrance is so wonderful, I stand and take it in.   I know it won't last much longer.   If you can plant lilacs where you live, I recommend it.   Ours take little attention and provide so much for such a short while in the Spring.   I could fill the yard with lilac bushes.   

These little friends like the lilacs too.

I hope you're starting Spring where you live.   It's such a pretty season and so full of color.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Be Careful Where You Step

It's hard to walk through a field of wildflowers because you will always end up stepping on some of the beauties.   Step carefully and you will find yourself in awe of being surrounded by Mother Nature's best.   Finding a field of poppies is like finding a honey hole, although many of the fields are hard to access.   A friend told me that the farmer had his fence down next to this field so I stopped by yesterday. 


We wait and wait for our wildflower season.   It's so fleeting, so it's very satisfying to capture some of the glory to enjoy once it's over.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Mama Said, "Run"

Our neighbor has Black Angus cattle.   They used to have a larger herd but as so many cattlemen in our area, have either sold off or reduced numbers.   We enjoy looking at them when they're down at this end of the pasture.   This morning we smiled at seeing a very young calf out in the wet grass, at sunrise, with some fog in the distance.   Of course it was a photo opportunity, however fleeting.   The closer I got, the more the mama watched me and eventually told the baby to run.   Run away from the human!   And so they ran.

I stayed outside for a little while and captured a few photos of our blossoming crabapple tree and the lilac bush.   I had hoped blossoms would be more plentiful this year after the good rains.   Our crabapple tree may be getting old or the years of drought have just taken their toll.   I just don't have as many blossoms as in years past.

This lilac bush is also getting older but still produces beautiful blossoms with wonderful fragrance.   Our newer bush is growing well and I have ideas for more.   

The hills are so green, the bunnies are out and about, the chickens are laying eggs, and we have enjoyed the recent rains.   If this is the last of the rains, Mother Nature did fairly well this year and we appreciate it. 


Have a nice Monday!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Day After Day

Alone on a hill.....lives this llama who tends his sheep at a nearby vineyard.   

It's not unusual for people in this area to keep llamas as protection animals for goats or sheep.  They can be quite fierce against predators and easy keepers as well.   I'd love to get closeups of this guy's face but he lives behind a fence and I'm not sure I'd want to be that close anyway.   You know, the potential for spitting.   

February turned out to be a relatively dry month with temperatures above normal for days on end.   It was beautiful and being outside was perfectly delightful.   I've stepped up my riding on Beau, now getting in 4 days a week instead of 1 or 2.   It's a good thing but may change once again as they are saying El Nino isn't yet finished with us.   March looks to be very different than February.

I've also been working on a sales video for Buddy.   I use iMovie and as I don't use it often, it always frustrates me when I open it and go to work.   It's really not intuitive for my brain but I managed to put some clips together, add music, and call it good enough.   The rider is Buddy's trainer.   


I'm getting Spring fever to do a little updating in the house.   Nothing major, just some paint color changes in the bedrooms.   We also want/need a new rug in the living room.   Why are area rugs so expensive?   I understand if it's a nice wool rug made in another country, thick and made to last a hundred years.   But the basic rugs?   Makes no sense to me.   It's on the list and I haven't begun looking, but it's a good thing to do when the rains come again.   

I hope you're seeing signs of Spring where you live.   I always look forward to all the photos of flowers that fill the blogs.   Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by.

What Have They Done?

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