Tuesday, June 20, 2017

My Online Life

It's become more and more about online shopping for me.   And mostly Amazon.   You can find almost anything by shopping on Amazon and with a Prime membership, the shipping is free.   I am now using it for everything from good quality white crew socks that I can't find anywhere locally, to the HVAC filters that our local HVAC service company seriously over prices.   They charge TWICE what I just paid online.  

I'm sorry for the retailers that have found their sales dropping off over the years, and all the people that have worked in retail.   I shopped locally and still do for some things, but as the inventories have declined, I often don't find what I want.   I still like Target.   I still try to shop at our local tack store, but as I have what I need, I rarely go there anymore either.   I purchase shoes locally because I wouldn't attempt to buy them online.   I must try on shoes.  

I recently discovered through Facebook that Kate Spade was offering a 75% off sale.   What???   I rushed right over and made my purchase because I had to.   I would never have found that sale had it not been for FB.   Now I'm thinking I should start following other retailers on FB because you can find things you otherwise wouldn't.   And isn't that the point?   They lure you in on FB, you make a purchase, they start sending you all their other deals that may or may not be fabulous prices.   I unsubscribe soon after my purchase.   If I need them, I will find them.   But how much money did I save by finding that special sale?   Well, I really DID need a new colorful handbag for summer.   *big smile*

My idea of wonderful would be if Jeff Bezos, new owner of Whole Foods, would expand that to include affordable online grocery shopping with delivery here, 20+ miles away from the nearest store.   The ultimate in luxury, right?   It's not coming to my neighborhood anytime soon, but still....I would love that.  

I didn't end up going out for a drapery rod yesterday because it got too hot after I rode Beau and took care of his sores.   If I had bought them online, they would be delivered soon and I wouldn't even have to think about it.   I'm liking my online life more and more.


Monday, June 19, 2017

Cold and Now Hot

Everything was going along just fine and then I was hit with a summer cold.   I rarely get sick enough that I just don't want to do anything, but for a few days I had zero energy.   Then as cold tend to do, it moved around from my head to my chest and I started coughing.   Mucinex, nightly cough medicine, and eventually the cold moved out.   I still have a bit of coughing but I think I can attribute that to the hot dry time of year and my asthma.   

Anyway....didn't get much exercise for over a week and once I started back?   Wham, a heat wave!   I have to say, I was irritable on Saturday.   Besides being hot, my horse's condition called Scratches flared up and I'm having to treat that twice a day.   You can Google it if you want to know.   Being in the barn when it's about 100 degrees and cleaning a horse's painful scabs is zero fun.   The Giants keep losing and losing so I didn't have that to feel good about.   I worry about the chickens when it's so hot.   And what else?   Oh yes, I was watching a nest camera of some Ospreys in Montana.   Because of bad fishing conditions and attacks by another Osprey (rare) looking for food on the nest, they were unable to feed their chicks and they died of starvation.

I had to get all that off my chest because today is a new day.   Maybe you can understand why I haven't blogged.    

I'm going to be more productive the rest of the week.   We need a shade or curtains on the west window of the bedroom.   This time of year the sun hits it directly in the late afternoon/early evening.   We have faux wood off white blinds throughout our house and they just don't offer enough in that room, this time of year.   I think I'll go in search of something to put over the blinds in that window.   Not anything too dark.   I don't like dark curtains/drapes in my house.  My house isn't big enough to carry anything dark and heavy.   I'll head to Pier One, Target and possibly Lowe's to see what I can find.    I bought some curtains a few years ago for another room that I think would be perfect.   Truth is, I don't know where they are.   We didn't use them, we put them somewhere, and I have no idea where that "somewhere" is.   Tucking things away for a possible use at another time?   Never a good idea.   

Okay then.   This is how I'm starting a new week with a new attitude.   Life is too short to be crabby for very long, isn't it?   

Thanks for stopping by.  

This is my view driving back from the barn every day.   Pretty cool, isn't it?

UPDATE:   I found the curtains tucked away in a closet!!!!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Morning Surprise

We've had four pineapple guava shrubs for about 6 years.   Even though we water our plants, they didn't offer much during the drought years.   I didn't give them much thought until I was out this morning and noticed they are flourishing.   And so I snapped on my macro lens and captured the delightful little flowers.   I posted on a macro group in Facebook and someone commented that the flowers are delicious to eat, I suppose in salads.   I haven't tried that but since I enjoy flowers on my salad, I might give it a try.

We are staying home for the holiday weekend.   If you are going to be out on the roads, please drive safely and watch out for the other drivers.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

My Two Cents

I don't know where this is going to end, this disaster of a presidency.   I don't think 45 wanted to be President.   I think he wanted the attention and to be able to yell and scream and blow his own horn.   The real job?   I don't think he really understood what was involved, what it meant for him to be in a position of power that's not King.   So now here he is, still doing whatever he wants, others be damned, democracy be damned.   The ties to Russia are mind blowing, the many many links to individuals and institutions that are involved with money laundering in a huge way are alarming in a way that I don't see how it can't all be tied together at some point.   

Every single day, the Republicans and 45's "people" try to excuse it all away.   It's going to come to an end.   It has to.   Our democracy cannot stand up under the blatant disregard for the rule of law, separation of powers, checks and balances, and accountability to the American public.

I just had to say something.   Facebook doesn't want to hear it and I just want to put it out there somewhere.   This is my space.   We still have freedom of speech.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Check and Check

We have purchased airline tickets to New York City....Check.
We have an Airbnb room all lined up....Check.
Now we have to wait until October.   

I went to New York once, over a weekend, after a business trip to Boston and enroute home.   It was a quick trip and I barely remember anything.   Cab ride, very small hotel room, Broadway, bagels, watching some undercover cops screech to a stop, jump out and grab a guy.   I'm not sure what we'll do this time besides visit Melinda and Pete, the newlyweds and Brooklyn residents.   It's something to look forward to after the hot summer months.   For sure I am imagining the photos I will be able to take in a city so vastly different from where we live.   

It's still Spring and now we've entered into that warming up/wind blowing phase where my allergies kick my backside and I spend more time indoors than I would like.   I drove to Morro Bay one day which was perfect.   Other than that, just routine stuff.   Also, I've spent time online researching places that are not in California for eventual retirement.   Prescott, AZ is looking interesting.   Not too hot, not too cold, pretty landscape, relatively low humidity, 100 miles from Phoenix and all "big city" things that we may need.  I lived in Arizona for 12 years so it feels a bit more familiar to me than other places would.  Too bad they don't have an ocean.    The biggest struggle is how to leave this....

I've mostly known the moves I've made in my life were the right decision at that time.   Thinking back, none of them were made with a whole lot of forethought as the opportunities arose and I acted on them.   Perhaps it's a little too soon to be concerned with details, but that's how my brain works sometimes.   Maybe it's best to bookmark a couple things without checking them off, at least for now.    After all, you never know what might happen between now and the time these lilacs bloom again.   

Have a very nice weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wild About Wildflowers

Some of you may have heard about the wildflower superbloom we have enjoyed here in California after our drought-busting rains.   On Sunday I drove out to Carrizo Plains to see some of it for myself.   Well, for myself and the hundreds of other people who were doing the same thing.   

Miles and miles and miles of flowers.   You cannot imagine.   I'd love to go once more, but oh the winding road and people.   Still.....it might be worth it.   I'd love to get off the beaten path but probably won't.   Being by myself on an unfamiliar back road with sketchy cell service?   No.   I'll just admire all the photos others have taken back in those hills.   You can Google #superbloom or #californiawildflowers or some such thing and enjoy gorgeous photos.   

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

They're So Perfect

I love my lilacs.   I probably post about them every year, but it bears repeating.  The older bush hasn't produced much this year so most of my photos have been of our newer bush which is a deeper color, kind of a raspberry.   The bush is only a few feet tall but it's full of blossoms.  

The colors on my original lilacs vary so much, often having a blue tone.   They are very fragrant and even with fewer blossoms this year, I can smell them in the air when I step outside.

Spring blossoms are so fleeting.   I'd love to have a flower garden that lasts through the Summer, but with our temperatures in the 90s and sometimes over 100, it's just a challenge to keep flowers growing.   We don't have shady areas for planting and the hot summer wind just knocks the poor plants on their backsides.   Our soil is not good for planting either and I'd have to bring in boatloads of dirt.   Maybe someday I'll live somewhere else that's better suited to having a garden.   For now, I just enjoy the little bit of beauty that we have on the lilac bushes.   I found someone else enjoying them too.  

Friday, March 24, 2017

Spring Blossoms

I really needed to change up my blog page.   I have a few more things to add but it's a start.   I'm also working on macro shots of the blossoms around here.   They are sparse this year and I'm not sure why....did we have too much rain?   I have no idea, but this is the saddest I've ever seen our lilac bush.   Maybe it's getting old and just doesn't feel like celebrating anymore.   It's always been so lush, filling the air with such a wonderful fragrance, that I'm rather sad to see the lack of blossoms this year.   

Mother Nature, she's a crazy old gal.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Socializing Ella

I was at Morro Bay yesterday and was completely enjoying the weather, 75 degrees and ideal for strolling and taking photos.   Although there are usually several dogs at this beach, there always seems to be one who captures my attention.   This one caught the attention of many as she ran around barking at everyone, myself included.    Her mom said she's young and not yet used to all the people.   Poor mama, she kept chasing after her, wearing only a bikini, trying to keep her bottoms from sliding around too much.   The red-headed dog, Ella, was trying to make sure everyone knew she was large and in charge.   No Min Pin/Chihuahua mix is large, but she was definitely in charge.

I hope I see her again one day.   It will be interesting to see if her behavior has improved, although I seriously doubt it.   She is a little redhead, after all.   

Friday, March 3, 2017

A Few Photos

Just a few photos I'm sharing from a very nice week.   Beautiful green hills, blue skies, pretty clouds, the ocean, and much more that I haven't yet edited.   I hope your week welcomed March with some beauty.

If you ever get a chance to visit our Central Coast, try to arrange it for this time of year.   The beauty will be a feast for your eyes.   Have a nice weekend.

Monday, February 20, 2017

It's in the Details

We have new pinecones growing on our trees.   They are very small, about an inch or two long.  

This is a big deal to me because a few years ago, a tree squirrel moved in, built a nest, and raised two young scamps.   It was the first time since I've lived here that I've seen tree squirrels on our property.   Over the course of the next few months, these fun loving three ate every single one of our pine cones.   I'm not kidding.   We had pinecone remains everywhere.   Then they moved away,  I suppose to find another property whose pine trees they could ravage.

We have three pine trees.   Although the one shown above only has baby pinecones, another one has some that are a bit more mature.

Maybe it's just me, but I always think the markings on a new pine cone look like a fossil of some sort.   

Here's a closer look.

As much as I enjoyed watching the little furry rascals, I hope they stay away and leave these pinecones alone.   They deserve a chance to grow up and do what pinecones do.   

It's Monday, it's raining, and the wind is blowing again.   Oh boy.   

My Online Life

It's become more and more about online shopping for me.   And mostly Amazon.   You can find almost anything by shopping on Amazon and wi...