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It's A Start

The new tree is standing in the corner of the living room with lights and so far nothing else.   I love to  get up in the morning and see those lights.   I think this weekend I will decide how to decorate.   It's a slightly bigger tree than our last and so I may need a few more decorations.   We'll see.

November has been very warm with barely a sprinkle of rain.   We finally had a night that was cold enough to shock the trees into dropping most of their leaves.   But today is forecast to be nearly 90.   I hope the trees don't start to bud, then get shocked again and don't know what to do.   Last year was so delightful with the abundance of rain.   This year, so far, nothing.   I've saved money by not purchasing new boots for the rainy days.   Is that a good thing?   No, I'd rather have the rain and the boots.

We've had some pretty skies with clouds that make for sunrises and sunsets worth watching.

Thanksgiving is upon us.   It will just be the two of us and b…

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