Sunday, February 19, 2017

Be Quick

The thing with birds is they are so much faster than anyone with a camera.   This sparrow flew off a fraction of a second after I was able to capture this.   Sunday with St. Francis of Assisi.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Fade To Gray

As much as I love our blue skies, sometimes I like to work with the gray.   Well, as long as it's not my hair.   I had that covered up yesterday.   We have lots of rain and wind coming in again so I will once again find myself wondering what to do.   But hey, at least my hair looks good.   

And I'm all caught up on People Magazine.

Friday, February 10, 2017

The Frogs Are Singing

We have had so much rain, the ground is completely soaked, and the frogs are all singing in full chorus.   I don't know where they live, at least not exactly, but they are all around and sound as though they are right outside the door.   They may be.   All I know is they are happy and if I saw one, I would hope he'd show himself long enough that I could capture his photo.

There is a lake in nearby Atascadero that was completely empty.   A couple years ago there were goats living in the lake bottom, although I don't remember why.   It was a sad situation.   After the rains this past week, the lake is overflowing and running down a small creek through the park into a larger creek.   Everyone is very happy about it and the park is alive with the water fowl and people's smiling faces.   The paddle boats will once again be available for rent and they are considering whether they can stock the lake with some type of fish.   

This family appears to be living on the shore.   I didn't want to get too close because the leader was watching everything going on around them.   I don't trust geese, even though I'd love to get closer for photos.   

There are a few flowers starting to show their color.   I saw a bed of daffodils just about ready to open, and a small bit of purple.   

And then there was this face.   Bassett Hounds have the most expressive eyes.   

And that was my visit to the park.   I hope you enjoyed it too.   Have a nice Friday and as always, thanks for visiting.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

I'm Trying

I am so outraged by this new administration.   But I am trying to stay away from posting so much on Facebook because it doesn't help anything.   I've found that a good place for outrage is Twitter.   I can follow a few people/organizations on there, get some perspectives and/or humor, possibly retweet, and nobody cares.   I think three random people are following me so nobody gets their panties in a bunch if I want to say something.   I started on Twitter because I am a San Francisco Giants fan and I enjoy the pages of some players, sports writers, links to articles, and such.   So that's my new place for speaking my mind if I choose.   

For mental health, I've been able to ride my horse on the recent sunny days.   I also took my camera to the coast, took some photos and ate some fish tacos.   Moonstone Beach hasn't yet recovered from the big storms of January.   This inlet formed from a creek that broke through and with the piled up wood, it's taken away the beach.   Alas, no treasure hunting when I was there this week, unless I want some wood to haul away.   I'm not sure what will happen with some of these large trees, whether they will eventually haul them away or just leave them so people can create some bench sitting of sorts.

Today it's raining again.   I have plans to run a few errands and get a massage.   I hope you have plans for a nice day.   Thanks for visiting!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Monday Came Round

It rained and rained all day Sunday.   But then Monday came 'round and we had a beautiful welcome break.   I decided to drive over to the coast again because I just love it after a storm.   It was clear at home, pouring rain and windy as I drove over Highway 46, then gorgeous as I dropped down closer to Highway 1.   The hills looked like Ireland.   Okay, I've never been to Ireland but I've seen it in movies, most recently "P.S. I Love You" which seems to be playing over and over.   

The ocean is just over those hills.   There are no pullouts along this stretch of road to stop and capture the beauty, which is frustrating.   And we have a new law in California that doesn't allow us to put our hands on our phones while driving.   There are two drives into properties where I stopped to quickly take a few shots but not really the views I wanted.   I'd love to ask the people who own those properties if I could tromp around their fields with the cows someday.   I'm sure I'm not the only person with a camera who'd love to do that so they'd likely say No.

I reached Cambria and saw that the surf was still high from the storms.   I walked and took photos for some time and then drove back home.   I'm always thankful I can have these experiences so close to home.   I don't think anyone here takes it for granted.

I hope you have a nice weekend.   We finally have sunshine again - Yay!   Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Holy Buckets of Water

The numbers are so welcome to a drought stricken state.   San Francisco has already had the 7th highest rainfall in January, on record.   One of our local lakes has risen to 80% of capacity.   At least 40% of the state is out of drought.   Mother Nature has apparently decided we've had enough drought years for now.  

Of course with heavy rains and freaky winds comes some chaos and destruction, and these storms have left plenty of that in their wakes.   Countless trees down, mudslides, flooding, major road closures.   And yet people are celebrating the rain because who isn't tired of hearing about lack thereof?  

We drove over to the coast on Saturday and it was HOLY COW impressive.   There were 25-30 foot waves which are hard to describe through photos because you have to feel them and hear them to fully understand the awesomeness.  

Tons and tons of debris, mostly wood, was piled on the beaches.

People are sorting through and taking driftwood from these piles.   I haven't seen any sea glass yet but I shall return in search of my own treasures.   It's a little too wet but when the sand dries out a little, the pebbles rise.   It's rare for me to find any glass larger than a thumbnail but I like them just the same.   I also like the pretty pebbles and often add a few of those to my small collection.   There is a sea glass show in Cayucos every year.   I've never gone but I'm thinking this year I should.   I may have to spend a little to find a good size piece, and of course I'd rather pick one myself from the sand, but it would be nice to have at least one.   

I hope you're having a nice week.   Can you believe January is nearing the end?   

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Storm

Even when you know it's coming, it can still surprise you.

But as with all storms, this too shall pass.   Hopefully it doesn't leave too much damage behind.