Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Not Sure Why

Do you have days where you just find yourself more annoyed than usual?   I had one of those days today.   At the end of the day, I have been going out on the property with the dogs to enjoy the nice weather, blue skies and green grass.   Today, someone is shooting off a .22 or whatever kind of gun that makes a very loud noise.   Not only do I find it annoying, but Zoey won't go outside if she hears gunfire.   They've been shooting for over an hour and soon the sun will set for the day.   It gets under my skin, on my last nerve, and disrupts an otherwise peaceful end to the day.   

Earlier this afternoon, I stopped at Trader Joe's for a few groceries.   When I was paying and the clerk was getting my cash, the lady next in line stepped up right next to me and started yammering on about how she paid $2.11/gallon of gas, while she was in the Bay Area yesterday.   WTH?   We weren't talking about that, she completely interrupted us, and she was in my personal space.   Most days, I don't find something like that quite so annoying.   But today?   I didn't say a word, but I sure felt like it.   

There were a couple other incidents that irritated me.   Again, I wanted to say more than I did.   I've learned, however, that you don't always have to respond and sometimes you regret that you did.   So I've survived the day and hopefully the neighbor, whoever it is, will put that damn gun away soon.   

Tomorrow has to be better.   If not, I will drive to my happy place....the coast.

Monday, February 1, 2016

And It's February

The month of hearts and flowers and candy.   And pink and red.   

Except for those of us who live in California.   It's the month of green.   So much green.   We try to soak in all the green because once it's gone, we are looking at nothing but brown.   

Last week we had days that looked like the photos below.   And then yesterday, another fast moving winter storm blew through, leaving about an inch of rain and cold enough temperatures to turn some of that rain into hail in parts of the county.   Shortly after noon, the rain stopped and the skies cleared again.   The result of that will be longer lasting green.   And photos to capture the beauty created by an El Nino winter.   

People in cold areas of the country are counting down the days until Spring.   I would be very happy if Winter would continue for a while so we can enjoy the beauty of our hills.   As much as I love the color pink, it's green that is making me happy.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Minus 5 and Counting?

Nothing makes people go away faster than a little bit of politics.   Anyway....shall we talk about the weather?

We had a good rainstorm last week and now we're having 60-65 degree days.   Everything is fresh and green and pretty.   People are smiling, people are happy about the real California winter weather.   Fingers crossed the heat doesn't arrive too soon this year.   I swear, if I could afford it, I'd buy a trailer of some sort and park it at the coast for the summer months.   I used to have a travel trailer but I sold it.   Perhaps I should have kept it.   

When we talk about things turning green around here, we aren't kidding.

If you put these photos side by side, it's a panorama.   But I don't know how to do that.

This morning I was treated to a gorgeous sunrise.   And with the clouds around, it could be a pretty sunset too.   In between the two, I'm trying to accomplish some paperwork drudgery, laundry, things like that, with a diversion to see the horses.   And another diversion online, and now another editing a few photos and writing a blog post.   So many diversions and the paperwork is still waiting.   

Off I go, for real this time.   Okay, maybe I'll feed the chickens first, but then the paperwork.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Funny (or Frightening) Friday

I just don't understand why people follow her.   Or Trump.   

Enjoy your Friday.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Turkey Tuesday

Okay, I just made that up because I couldn't think of another title.

Some months ago, our neighbors behind us added flocks of fowl to their property.   Not the usual flock of chickens, but turkeys, pheasants, one rooster, and some other birds I don't immediately recognize.   They let the turkeys and rooster wander the property which of course concerns me because of predators.   But they're not my birds so it's not my responsibility.   Anyway, our boy dog has been listening to them for all these months and watching their movements from a distance.   He stands out back and throws shots across the property with his "boof" sounds.   I guess it means, "Don't even think about coming over here."

Recently the turkeys have been wandering outside the open gate and spending some time right over our back fence.   The other day our dogs took off, ran up there, and were able to get closer than ever before.   Needing the exercise anyway, and being interested in the safety of the turkeys (well, and wanting some photos), I walked up after the dogs.

As the turkeys came closer to the fence, Zoey was quite interested in them, although not in a threatening way.   I knew the same wouldn't be true for her brother.   I guess turkeys are curious creatures because they came right up to the fence just as Zach was sticking his nose through to get a good smell.   Zoey felt her brother was going to hurt her new turkey friends and gave him a little sisterly encouragement to get away.   I knew he wouldn't back down, and it looked like the turkeys were about to get aggressive too.   I got the dogs away from the fence and we went back down the hill.

Turkeys are such interesting creatures, and the colors on this breed makes them very photogenic.

I hope the turkeys have the good sense to stay on their own side of the fence.   

For our dogs....life is good.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Best Day of the Year

Well, so far anyway.   It was just one of those days that you keep enjoying until the sun sets.   We had a little morning fog but not as heavy as it had been the previous couple of days.  I could see the road when I drove out to the barn.   After resting my sore bicep tendon and shoulder joint for the past month, I've started riding Beau again.   The first day I felt like I hadn't been on a horse in six months. The second day felt more normal.   With off and on rainy days this year,  everyone is riding as much as possible and it's good to have a nice arena with good footing.   

After that, I went over to the second barn where I have Buddy in training.   I have made the decision to offer him for sale so I moved him to the right trainer to get him in top form.   He's happy and doing very well.   He had already been worked by the time I arrived so there wasn't a reason to hang around.   The coast was calling!

If you've read my blog for a while, you've no doubt seen many many photos of the gorgeous vista from Highway 46.   I was thrilled to see the hills turning green after our rains.   I hope we get enough rain that it lasts into the Spring.   If you have plans to visit our Central Coast, try to make the trip while the hills are green.   You won't be disappointed.   

I drove on to Cambria.   Yes, my happy place.   The tourists weren't there, the surf was crashing, and it was perfect for a stroll with my camera.   I stayed up on the boardwalk rather than walk on the beach.   Somedays I prefer walking on the planks instead of wet sand.   

Believe me, I have many many photos of the day.   I'm not going to post too many because they are variations on the theme.   And no doubt I'll be back soon with more to share.   

Go to Cambria.   Really, I mean it.   

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I've seen three rainbows today and also saw one yesterday.   There have been several postings on social media of double rainbows around the county.   We're living in rainbow land this week!

It was going to be Wordless Wednesday, but who can really do that?   Not I.   Or at least not very often.