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I usually have a  favorite recent photo.   My  new header is the one I have used for my desktop and I haven't grown tired of looking at it.   However, the standard theme format I am using for my blog wouldn't fit the entire photo and so I'm a little disappointed about that.   Even though I don't blog very much anymore, it bothers me when things don't look quite right.

Here's the photo in its entirety.   It's not the same without the reflection.

It's been a mixed bag, this month of July.   We had an awful terrible miserable heat wave that rolled through, taking our "at home" temperatures up to 109 on two days.   Ugh.   All you can do is get as much done in the early morning as you can tolerate, then stay inside except for necessary short trips outside.   Add to that, the fact that we had 6 (!) wildfires burning across our county and adjacent counties, and the air was not healthy for a while.   It created lots of orange in the sky, but I'd rat…

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