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Check and Check

We have purchased airline tickets to New York City....Check.
We have an Airbnb room all lined up....Check.
Now we have to wait until October.   

I went to New York once, over a weekend, after a business trip to Boston and enroute home.   It was a quick trip and I barely remember anything.   Cab ride, very small hotel room, Broadway, bagels, watching some undercover cops screech to a stop, jump out and grab a guy.   I'm not sure what we'll do this time besides visit Melinda and Pete, the newlyweds and Brooklyn residents.   It's something to look forward to after the hot summer months.   For sure I am imagining the photos I will be able to take in a city so vastly different from where we live.   

It's still Spring and now we've entered into that warming up/wind blowing phase where my allergies kick my backside and I spend more time indoors than I would like.   I drove to Morro Bay one day which was perfect.   Other than that, just routine stuff.   Also, I've spent ti…

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