Sunday, October 4, 2015


No, not a food post.   Don't you know me better than that?   Our burrito brothers greeting the morning with me.

Don't you just want to scritch their little cute selves?   

I'm still painfully loading photos to my blog.   I guess I'll have to look into file size and see if that makes Blogger happy.   I haven't changed anything, so clearly they have.   

Friday, October 2, 2015

Try Try Again

I've been trying for a couple days to upload photos to a post that I was writing.   To no avail.   I'm going to try again, right here, right now.   We'll see what happens.

It's October.   We've had more of the gorgeous skies with high scattered clouds against a deep blue backdrop.   Cooler temperatures, and even a sprinkling of water from the sky.   How about that?

And it wouldn't be October without orange, would it?

I don't know why this is so slow, uploading photos.   I'm using the same file size as always.   Scratching my head and hoping to figure it out so I can share more photos as the season moves on.   At least I got three.   It was worth another try, but still not working like it was before.   

Anyhow...have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by to celebrate the launch of this wonderful month.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Just Around the Corner

Autumn.   She brings her own kind of special beauty and every year I wait for her because she is my favorite.   

We had another heat wave, one that extended over to the coast where normally we can find some relief.   Late yesterday the winds changed from offshore to onshore, the high pressure zone moved away, and the temperature started to drop.   I stepped outside with my camera and captured the quickly passing sunset.   

There will be a little more heat, and our skies will not be completely clear due to the drifting from the terrible fires to the north and east.   But Autumn and all that she brings is coming.   Hopefully this year she brings rain.   Lots of rain.

Have a good Tuesday.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Such Fun

The weekend trip was really fun.   One of those short getaways where everything falls together just as you hope.   First, of course, was being able to get away overnight.   A young lady I've known for 10 years, who happens to be the loving owner of two of my foals, now both 12, was available to stay and take great care of our animals.   When you have animals, that's the key to going away and not having a care in the world about leaving.

We had a late lunch at a restaurant I used to frequent when I lived in the Bay Area, The Fish Market.   And then we headed to SF.   I have really missed being able to drive up to the city.   I was very inspired to spend some time there and take photos, which is something I have never done.   

The AT&T Park is a beautiful ballpark, built about 15 years ago right on the waterfront.   

We did our shopping, along with hundreds of others packed into the team store.   Orange and black was everywhere, including kids whose parents are passing down the Giants baseball tradition.   There were lots of families at the game and they have created areas for child fun within the park.   

We won the game!   Madison Bumgarner nearly pitched a no-hitter and threw 9 strikeouts.   We had such a good time and I enjoyed being able to take photos of some of the experience.   

This was a fun post-birthday weekend that Erik planned for us and it came together just as we hoped. An evening at the park was just perfect.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Wearing the Orange

Last year I became a Giants fan....San Francisco Giants.   I have never in my life watched baseball and never imagined that I would.   Erik was born and raised in SF and is an avid spots fan, so of course he talks about the Giants and his enthusiasm is infectious.   The Giants organization and team are the type that I can stand behind because they really play as a team and not as a few superstars trying to claim the spotlight for themselves.   

This weekend we are going to a Giants game.   I'm looking forward to a couple days away and sitting in the stadium for an evening game with my honey.   And buying a few things in orange and black.   And maybe eating a hot dog or some such thing.   

It's hot again.   Really hot.   So here is yesterday's relief with possibly more of the same today.

I better get going before it's too hot to move.   Have a great Thursday and Go Giants!!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Once in a While

I like black and white.   Inspired by Daryl's skyscrapers posted yesterday, I thought I'd post this from my time at Hearst State Park.   These eucalyptus smell so good and provide a beautiful backdrop near the San Simeon Pier.   I guess you could call them our version of skyscrapers.   

I'm thinking I may need a coastal diversion today if the particulates in our air don't clear out.   I haven't ridden my horses all week and it's not looking good for today either.   I hope you have a good Friday and some fun and/or relaxation over the weekend.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

You Can't Go Wrong

The thing about living near the coast is you can take a drive any time you choose and end up in a place that is beautiful and refreshing and just plain awesome.   Too hot?   Drive to the coast.   Smoke in the air from the fire?   Drive to the coast.   Bored?   Drive to the coast.   I never take it for granted and I never wish I hadn't made the drive.

I get home, download the photos, and then spend lots of time trying to decide how I want to edit them.   Some people just like the natural look and prefer not to edit their photos.   With some photos, that's exactly what I want.   With others, they lend themselves to creating different looks.   With about 100 Lightroom presets, I find so many different ways to look at the same thing.   Hey, I don't knit or crochet or sew or any of those things.   This is my creative fun.   

These photos are at or near the San Simeon Pier.   Yes, that's a whale.   

Kayaks....they're everywhere.   From what I observed, if your instructor wants to give you advice as to when and how to approach landing on the should follow that advice.   Others struggled.   Someday....

I was hoping the air would clear out today so I could spend a little more time outside, open the windows for a while, and breathe deeply.   They've made great progress on the fire (Cuesta Fire) but it's still burning.   Again, a big appreciation for the firefighting crews!

Have a great Thursday.