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Thank you all for your thoughtful comments about dogs.   It's always so interesting to hear people's thoughts on any subject and especially one that has so much feeling involved.   We all have a different story, past and present, that shapes our feelings and choices today.   We have different things that make us feel comfortable in our homes, comfortable in our lives, and hopefully happy in our relationships.   

I've done a lot of things in my life that I absolutely enjoyed at the time.   I sometimes imagine myself doing them again, reliving something that invokes a great memory.   Or I imagine myself doing something that's a bit of a dream in my head, but in reality I won't ever do it.   I was that way with horses.   I saw others doing things like riding on the beach, trail riding on a regular basis, doing more Western type riding, and it all looked like fun.   I wanted a more versatile horse to do those things.   I wanted those experiences that Beau is not suitabl…

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