Tuesday, November 26, 2013

You Can't See Me

I probably won't be posting on my blog for the rest of this week.   I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and lovely long weekend.   Be safe, be kind, and be thankful for the goodness in your life.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Go Fend for Yourselves

We have decided to stop feeding the birds, at least for now.   Bird seed is expensive and a large population of sparrows can go through $10 of bird seed in the blink of an eye.   There is plenty for birds to eat here all year round, so it's not as if they'll starve.   I mostly wanted to attract the finches because I think they're pretty.   The sparrows can fend for themselves.   Of course, that means they'll be munching on our chicken feed, but I really think that will cost less than the bird seed.   

I've had a low grade virus of some sort which lingered through the weekend.   Just kind of strange, dizziness, a little nausea and fatigue.   Others have had it, and I've been told it can last a couple of weeks.   So I haven't been riding and my body feels the lack of activity.   Ugh.   But when the body says to take it a little easy and sleep....that's what I do.

Yesterday was a very pretty day and we drove over to Morro Bay in hopes of seeing the Lady Washington, a replica of the first flagged ship that sailed around Cape Horne.   I'm going from memory here rather than using Google in the middle of this post, but I think that's correct.   It was small, it was crawling with people, and it was disappointing.   Trying to get photos was nearly impossible with "Kayaks For Rent" posted on yellow banners, fishing boats docked with their equipment obstructing the view, and so many other annoying obstacles.   I did my best to take a few but mostly deleted all but about a dozen.   It was actually more interesting to look at the water raining off the dock full of fish tanks.

Our Martha Stewart tree has been taken out of the box and is standing in the corner of the living room waiting for me to decorate it.   We love the lights which is why we put it up early and leave it up until New Year's.   I would like some new ornaments and ribbons this year so that's on my list.

I hope you're not stressing this week.   If your traveling, please be safe!

Friday, November 22, 2013

On Air

We have a local television station, KSBY, whose meteorologist posts viewers' photos on air.   He has a Facebook page where we can post photos having something to do with the weather.   I used to post more, usually clouds or sunsets, but quit doing it a while ago.   I posted one last night and it was featured on the lead-in.   It feels pretty cool to have your name and photo up on the screen, and to hear the comments.   Just a little validation goes a long way for an amateur photographer :-)

Enjoy your Friday and weekend.   

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mother Nature Does Her Job

Sunrises and sunsets can be so surprising.   I'm not thinking about taking photos and then I take a glance outside, or step outside to feed the donkeys or tend to the chickens, and just think, "Wow!"

So I get my camera, take some shots of the early part of the sunset.   I stop, feed the donkeys, notice the sky is changing and becoming even more incredible.   I pick up my camera again, take a few shots (well, more than a few), then go tend to the chickens to get them locked in for the night.   I go in the house to feed the dogs.   After they're finished, and I think I'm finished for the evening, I see the biggest sky of all.   More photos and before long I have another 100 to sort through.   

Looking North

Looking South from Our Place

A Little More Time Passes
Edited to Show the Cattle in the Dust
And the Grand Finale
And so I feel satisfied and thankful to Mother Nature for once again showing me her beauty.   It's often times beyond what I can imagine.   

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Just Relaxin'

It's chilly and foggy and damp.   I might crawl back under the blankets until the sun comes out and warms me up.

Color Schemes

I enjoy looking at photos.   It's something I just never get tired of.   And I enjoy editing my own photos or at times looking at others and considering how I might change it, if it were mine.  Sometimes I spend a little too much time editing photos and I need a little break.   Even then, I find myself taking a "meh" photo from my file and using that photo to work on new Lightroom techniques that I've never tried.   It's so easy to change photos and try different edits, then just hit Delete if you don't like it.   It's just practice.

Imagine if you are decorating and want a certain color scheme in a room.   You can take one of your photos and change it up.   If you prefer a SOOC look, this wouldn't be for you.   But if you like the subject of a photo and it doesn't look quite right in a spot you've chosen, this might be right down your alley.

As long as you have kept your original intact and are working from copies in your editing program, you won't lose anything.   It's like a box of crayons....pull out your favorites and color the picture.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Our Town and More

Enough of the birds and beach and butterflies.   I actually have an Autumn-like photo from our town that I took the other day.   Good thing, because the winds were coming up late yesterday and we all know that means the leaves will be gone before you know it.  

On the theme of Orange....weren't we talking about that?   We bought some persimmons at the farmers market last weekend.   Have you ever tried persimmons?   They have a very nice, not too sweet, flavor.   They aren't very big so it's not like sitting down (or standing) to eat an apple.   I think they would be very good in my favorite yogurt, but I've just been slicing them and eating them while standing at the kitchen window and watching my hummingbirds.   If we ever get rain, I'd like to plant a persimmon tree.   

On the theme of fruit....yes we were talking about that.   My massage therapist brought in some pomegranates the other day and showed me a much easier way to get out the seeds.   So instead of feeding all the poms to my chickens, who have decided this year that they like them,  I am going to enjoy a few for myself.   We already gave quite a few of them away and I need to get more off the tree before they rot and fall on the ground.   We need another pomegranate tree too.   

Well, I was going to think of something else to say, but my starving donkeys are calling me for breakfast.   Yes, at 6am.   This time change hasn't settled in around our place.   I'm still having a hard time staying awake for my 9-10pm favorites on TV.   I missed Grey's Anatomy again last night!   

Off I go.   Have a very nice Friday!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pismo Butterfly Grove

Still no riding yesterday as Beau's hives are improving but not gone.   For those who asked, he is having an allergic reaction to something and we don't know what that is.   Yes, he's on medication which helps if we keep it at a high dose.   Try to taper it down and they return again.  My theory is that there is something in the air from the soil which is bone dry from our driest year on record.   Our dust is like silt and of course "who knows what" gets carried in that dust.   The pollen is at its lowest point, he's been on the same feed and shavings for 4 years, so I think this is from our lack of rain.   Lots of people, myself included, have been suffering from allergy symptoms from something in the air.   The skies are bright blue and you can't see it, but particulates are noticeable from a haze on certain days.   

Anyway....bored again, I drove to Pismo Beach to see the butterfly grove.   It's a small grove of eucalyptus trees at the south end of Pismo just before you get to Grover Beach.   Once you get out of your car/truck, you see monarchs fluttering around.   The grove itself is shaded from the large trees so photos are a bit challenging.   The website posts the daily estimate which yesterday was 34,000.

The butterflies cling to the leaves of the trees and mostly look like brown leaves.   If they move and/or the light hits them just right, you can see the beautiful orange.   Standing there with the butterflies all around is mesmerizing.   The smell of the trees and the general quiet (except for a few noisy children) is very peaceful.   I recommend it if you're in the area.

Look Up High!

It's an ocean view

Too Many to Count

Look For the Orange

Known as A Cluster

Beautiful Eucalyptus

Again, a Cluster
It was a beautiful day but I miss riding my horse.   Ah well, maybe today.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

People Watching

I was feeling very frustrated with the ongoing issue of my horse having hives, and bored that I haven't been able to ride this week.   Trying to clear my mind just a little, I took a drive to Morro Bay and spent a short amount of time just watching people on the beach and down near the boat launch.   I didn't go for a walk, just stood with my camera and captured a few shots.   I always enjoy looking at them and seeing all the individuality.   Here's a short snapshot in time.   Who's your favorite person?   Do you think you might know their story?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Magical Monarch Place

I realized I didn't post here about the butterflies at Ragged Point.   I sometimes forget to share photos  here after editing them and planning to do just that.    On my recent drive up Highway 1, I stopped at Ragged Point to take a nice driving break and take a few photos.   I got out of my truck and immediately saw multitudes of Monarchs flying around the grounds.   It was magical and completely unsuspected as I'd read nothing about Ragged Point before I set out that day.   

Here's a little information I found online.


And here are some of the photos I took.   I could've stayed much longer if I wasn't trying to get to Cambria for the sunset.   

Now I understand the butterflies are staying the winter near Pismo Beach just south of here.   Sounds like I need to take another drive!


Happy Tuesday

P.S.   The bird in yesterday's post seems to be in the Towhee family.   We have quite a few California Towhees around here but this one looks a little different....possibly a Canyon Towhee?   You can look them up and see what you think.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Just Hangin' Around

I don't seem to have anything to say this past week.   Just blank.   So I'll share a photo or two, read your blogs, and call it good.   Okay?   Okay.   Enjoy your Monday and I hope you all have a great week.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Back To The Beginning

To the sea, the deep blue sea.

I can't ever do a 100% Wordless Wednesday.   It just doesn't feel right to me.    Maybe a picture is worth 1000 words, but I like to throw in my two cents worth anyway.

I Want a Shelf Full

I absolutely love little felt creatures.   I found these artists on Facebook and always look forward to the new posts.   Aren't they just the cutest????    I really want some.




Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Blue Skies, Horses and a Puppy

My horse trainer had another uber talented young trainer at the barn yesterday to give a few lessons to those who signed up.   His name is Brian Hafner and he is destined for the Olympics.   He used to board and train his horses at Cheryl's barn and we've had the pleasure of watching his talent and career begin to soar.   Besides his talent, he has a genuine kindness and quietness about him, a modest way that can be so rare to find among very talented equestrians.   Some young equestrians get to a point where their parents spend major dollars to buy a horse for them to show.   Brian bought a young horse when he was still in his teens, and has done all the training himself.   

Cheryl's granddaughter is becoming a very talented young rider with her Thoroughbred, Donte.   It's also been a pleasure to watch her grow with him over the past 4 years.   

And just who was the icing on the cake yesterday?   The most delightful of the entire beautiful November day?   Well, it was this little girl, Roxie.   She is Cheryl's newest addition to the ranch and she just makes everyone's heart melt.

Roxie's new best friend is a cat named Simon.   He loves her and lets her play with his tail....for a while.   Love that Simon.

It was such a nice day,  I wasn't even all that upset when I got home and the AT&T network was out again.   I don't know what's going on with them, if they're upgrading equipment or what the heck.   It's just becoming a PITA, if you know what I mean.

It's cold here this morning so I need to close now and get another cuppa hot coffee.   I hope you have a very nice Tuesday and thanks for stopping by.

What Have They Done?

Blogger made some changes this week.   I didn't dig in enough to understand them because most, I'm sure, don't apply to my needs...