Monday, April 4, 2016

One More Round

It feels like our storm door has closed for the season.   Warmer temperatures, no pretty clouds in the sky, less talk of rain.   The green on the hills is not as lush, not as green.   It's going to be too hot by Wednesday before getting back to normal.   Now it seems we are looking at one more round before El Nino moves on, making way for his drier sister, La Nina.   This rain will knock off the remaining few blossoms on our crabapple tree and likely wash away many lilac flowers as well.   And so the seasons change.

Lots to do today.   Beau has had the past 4 days off so he needs to get back to work today.   I've been busy with other things and he doesn't mind as long as he has food to eat.   But when a horse is used to having a job and is muscled and fit, it's not good to let them have too many days off.   Not good for me either, come to think about it.   My jeans get a little tighter with each passing day.   *sigh*   Getting older is not for the vain.

Have a great Monday and thanks for stopping by.

What Have They Done?

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