Friday, December 28, 2012

The Hills are Alive

I don't remember having so many days of rain in December.   While those of us with "livestock" are getting very tired of mud in the paddocks, we are also delighted that our beautiful California hills have turned green once again.   Yesterday seemed to be a chilly day with no chance of rain, but suddenly the temperature dropped about 10 degrees mid-afternoon and the sky opened up again.   I was inside watching some silly Hallmark movie and staying warm, but fortunately Erik took the dogs out for a romp and got my attention by saying, "Honey, we have a rainbow."   

Well, I can put on my new Bogs, grab my camera, and be outside in a flash when duty calls.   Dang, it was COLD!   I had to go back in once or twice to add a warm hat and another layer.   The late afternoon light was so beautiful and just lit the hills with gorgeous greens.   I didn't edit the colors in these photos.   And I couldn't capture the whole rainbow because it was too big.   It is always so rewarding to see nature's glory after so many days of dreary wet weather.   Fabulous!   Thank you, Mother Nature.   

Monday, December 24, 2012

Our Christmas

We are already happy and satisfied with our holiday.   These three visited over the weekend and will be leaving today to visit their mom and other relatives.   We had the best visit with them.   We went out for very good Mexican food last night, including excellent Margaritas.   We spent the rest of the evening looking at their family photos and sharing red wine that we had saved for special occasions.   And tasting a little bit of the fudge I had made the day before.   

This is the first time we have had "the kids" here for Christmas and it meant a lot to us.   Carli has recently moved to California so we are able to see her much more often.   Melinda and her Pete left California earlier this year for life in New York City.   We are so proud of these three and they are great fun to be around.

This photo is not mine, it was taken by their cousin.   I won't name her here but I don't think she would mind having me share it.   

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pull Over

The blue skies returned yesterday, but with very chilling wind.   I was driving toward home, via the barn, about 3:00, when I spotted the most beautiful clouds in the distance.   I drove through town and kept checking for a place to stop for photos.   Nothing.   So I kept going out of town, thinking there would be a driveway or something.   Nothing.   Drove a few more miles and finally!!   I was happy to have my Nikon with me, as well as a warm jacket and hat.   It was cold!!  So I was standing alongside the road, traffic going by, wind whipping around me, and quickly took a few photos to satisfy myself.   I wasn't sure they would be okay because I really was hurrying and thought my hair might be blowing in front of the lens.   

So I was pleased when I got home and looked at them.   It captured the simple beauty of the landscape that we love in our area.   Rolling hills, sparse oaks, a beautiful blue sky, and on this day some clouds that look like soft pillows in the distance.   And that was all it took to complete my day.   It's just the opportunity to pull over that can make me just a bit more appreciative of the moment.

Today I will pull over in the parking lot of my hair stylist for a little pampering.   That will definitely make this another good day.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Every Other Day

Yes, that's the forecast for the rest of December.   Rain every other day.   Starting yesterday.   And it's cold!   Yes it is!   It only got up to about 50 degrees today.   I was bundled up in layers and nearly froze when I went outside to take sunset photos.   One of my pairs of fingerless gloves had a big hole in it, so it went into the garbage.   I need a new pair.   A good pair.   Anyone know where I can get some?

Stay warm and dry, my friends.   And give to your donation centers as I know people need warm coats and other clothing this time of year.   Give give give!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

December in California

December storms bring fun for surfers.   And also fun for amateur photographers who like to take pictures of surfers.   I thought this guy's board was rather festive.

Enjoy your Sunday.   We are expecting sunshine and fair weather.   I will be spending time finishing the tree decorating, hanging out with/riding my horses, baking chicken for dinner, and maybe taking some new photos.   Erik will be spending the afternoon cheering for the Forty-Niners.   

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cayucos Pier

After a big storm, the beach is often a good place to take photos.   I spent just over an hour there yesterday and there were lots of treasures.   It was mid-afternoon, the waves were good enough for a few surfers, and there was an interesting light as the fog started rolling in way out in the distance.   This photo had a very monochrome look to it so I decided to try it in black and white.   

My soul needed a little photo time after several days of storms rolling through.   I was satisfied.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Rain is Welcome

We've had rainy days since Wednesday with a few breaks.   I was able to capture some sunset photos at the top of Chicago Grade and chose this one to share here.   It's good to have the week's errands out of the way so we can hunker down on this very wet Sunday.   We are going to put up the tree and a few decorations around the house, cross our fingers that the Niners win, and find something warm to eat.   Tomorrow the sunshine is expected to return for a whole week!   The grass is growing, making our donkeys and chickens very happy.   The post-rain beauty for photography makes me happy.   And Erik has a new TV for watching football, so that makes him happy.   And so another week begins.

Happy Sunday!!

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