Friday, October 21, 2016

More Morro

I think the best time to capture photos of Morro Rock is when the water is calm, the beach is relatively clear, and there is a reflection in the water.   

I am often left wondering by others' blogs how something unfolded or was resolved.   So a few answers for anyone who cares....

- We did receive some rain from the last storm that passed through. It varies a lot due to our microclimates, but we received about a quarter to half inch.   Not much, but it cleaned the dust out of the trees and off the roof.

- I have a dress to wear to the wedding but it doesn't thrill me.   I still need shoes and something for the rehearsal/cocktail party.   

- I have my iPhone 7 Plus and really like it.   The bigger screen compared to the 6 (non Plus) is great, the camera is much better, and even with the Otter Box (a must for me!), I can still get it into my back pocket.   

And now I'm off to start the day.   We have had young deer on our property this week and they can't seem to find their way over the fences, except for the one they jumped to get here in the first place. I don't let the dogs out on the property until I'm sure they've left.   The first time there were two and their mama or aunt or some other deer came back to get them.   The second time there was one and I was so worried it was going to get stuck in the fence next to the road.   I wish they'd stay on the other side of the fence.   It worries me that they could be injured.   

Have a great Friday and enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Because I can't write a post without words.   

Sunday breakfast at Dorn's, Morro Bay

Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Autumn at the Coast

With the changes in seasons, I have been to the coast a few times recently to enjoy the ocean air, a walk on the beach, a hike along the bluffs, and a great breakfast on a Sunday morning.   I've captured some of the beauty that includes one day of very calm waters and one day of stormy seas.   And so I'm sharing a few photos on my neglected blog this week while I wait for the next opportunity to drive over and shoot a few more.

Today I'm supposed to get my new iPhone 7 Plus.   I'm looking forward to having a larger screen and also learning how the new and improved camera will work.   I'll let you know what I think, in case you are also due for an upgrade with your carrier.

See you soon!

What Have They Done?

Blogger made some changes this week.   I didn't dig in enough to understand them because most, I'm sure, don't apply to my needs...