Friday, June 27, 2014

In the Nick of Time

There are things we say throughout our lives, over and over and over.   Do you ever stop and wonder what they mean?   In the nick of time....things like that.   I saw a list a few years ago that explained the origin of sayings like this one.

But I is often the case.

This is about looking outside in the nick of time and seeing a phoenix rising.   And so I grabbed my camera and stepped out to capture a few photos of the phoenix rising in our sky at sunset.   

It was a beautiful end to a good day.   And it should have been a good day because it was also my dad's birthday.   We miss him every day.   Happy Birthday, Dad.   I hope you had some good lip smacking Iowa pork chops and a big piece of chocolate cake with your friends and family who are there with you.

Have a nice Friday and great weekend!

Monday, June 23, 2014


Dissipation is the act of breaking up and scattering or spreading widely. With thedissipation of the clouds, you could enjoy the sunny afternoon — if only you didn't have to work.
Dissipation also refers to wasteful or thoughtless spending or activity. Your habit of taking old clothes and appliances to the dump instead of donating them to charities is a kind of dissipation. Dissipation can also mean a life of indulgence, in which health and wealth are squandered in the pursuit of pleasure. Your uncle's life of dissipation, throwing money at wine and women, will ultimately only bring heartache.

We had awesome clouds on Saturday....until they dissipated.   

The other stuff about an uncle and wine and women?   I have no idea.  

Have a great Monday!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Stay Alert

My friend has 3 little dogs.   This is the friend who takes care of my horses at her barn.   They live west of Paso Robles in an area with vineyards and lots of open fields.   It's lovely, but it's a haven for coyotes and at times mountain lions.   This year, with the drought, lots of predators are making their way closer to ranches and homes in search of water and food.   

About two weeks ago, she heard the dogs barking down below the house where they have a tennis court and walnut orchard.   She ran outside and saw one of her dogs confronting a mountain lion who was near another dog.   Keep in mind, these are 10-15 pound dogs.   She started yelling, the mountain lion ran off, and just then a coyote slipped in and grabbed the third dog.   Joey is a Yorkie, very brave but not very big.   Panic!   She got in her truck and raced down the hill, chasing through the orchard after the coyote, honking her horn and swerving between the trees.   He was not giving up the meal he had found.   But she kept going, driving like a wild woman, and fortunately he dropped Joey just before heading up the hill toward the vineyards.   Her other two dogs were chasing behind the truck.   She grabbed Joey, took the others up to the house, and headed to the emergency vet.   

Joey had no broken bones and no puncture wounds that had to be sutured.   He was badly bruised and stayed at the vet on IV pain meds for a couple days.   He is healed up now and recently brought a bird into the house that he had killed and half eaten.   Needless to say, the dogs are a bit more confined.   

This is Jackson, the one who confronted the lion.   She later found a small puncture wound on Jillie, the female dog.   So apparently the lion took a swipe at her before Jackson stepped in to defend the pack.   

Can you imagine???   So many little dogs and cats are taken by coyotes and never seen again.   

Stay alert!!

The coyotes also hang around the creek bed down by the barn, so today three donkeys are coming to live in that area of the property.   She also has a pistol just in case.    Of course she'd rather not be shooting at animals who are just surviving and looking for food, but hopefully shooting in their direction will be enough to scare them away so no killing is necessary.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Days of June

In California, the weather patterns we're having are known as June Gloom because we start the days with coastal clouds/fog.   The beauty of the "gloom" is that it brings cooler temperatures.   When it rolls back out, we have sunshine.   In the evening it rolls back in, cooling things back down.   I love these days and look for things to do outside.   

My horse is still in recovery for some number of months.   It's hard when you are used to riding 3-4 times a week and finding yourself grounded for such a long time.   Others are at the barn, enjoying their rides on these cooler days.   Honestly, I am so happy that Beau is on the road to health again, but I get a little down when I can't ride.   The horses I had hoped to lease didn't work out.  

A short drive to Cambria on a beautiful day can be just what my soul needs.   Even the drive over on Highway 46, where I find such gorgeous vistas in the Spring, offers its own Summer beauty with the golden grasses that California is known for.   Do you see the big hawk on top of the tree?   I didn't know it was there until I downloaded the photos.  

And the final reward for driving 35 miles....

Take lots of deep cleansing breaths before driving back home again.   And then plan to do it again....maybe today.

What Have They Done?

Blogger made some changes this week.   I didn't dig in enough to understand them because most, I'm sure, don't apply to my needs...