Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Later....

Where have I been??????    My blog has been idle and needs some attention.   I am going to sit down today, in the midst of blustery winds and heavy rain, and write a new post.   Or at least, that's my plan.   Let's see if I follow through:-)   I have some other things to take care of first.   What, you ask?   

- Pay a few bills
- Buy a few groceries
- Possibly make soup (no firm commitment there)
- Go to the tack store to buy a winter blanket for Cooper
- Figure out how to shore up the small door on the chicken coop so the big door can stay closed during the storm.
- Buy a Christmas gift for my sister (Let's see if she's reading this and paying attention)
- Go out to the barn to feed Henry and Cooper their pellets and supplements
- Gas up the truck

Okay, that's enough for now.   I really hope to get back here later and write something more meaningful.   If I don't, please know that I read your blogs and appreciate all of you whether I'm posting or not.   

Have a good day!  

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Humor

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.   Here's some light-hearted fun in case you need a smile.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Donkey Zen

Sometimes it's all they/I need for a few minutes a day.

Last night I was dreaming about taking photos.   I'm thinking that might be a sign that I need to get out with my camera.   It might be feeling neglected or something and is creeping into my subconscious.

Did I tell you I finally got an iPhone?   I went back and forth several times on a new Samsung or the iPhone.   I finally made that decision and I'm enjoying the phone.   My previous Samsung had an okay camera but I didn't use it a lot.   This one has a REALLY NICE camera and I'm finding that I enjoy using it a lot more.   I haven't used my Canon point and shoot at all since I got this.   It might be unnecessary and I should sell it.   I haven't figured out how to zoom in the video mode on the iPhone so  that doesn't work so well for me.   Maybe it's an easy setting, maybe not.   Could be I will need that Canon after all:-)   

Anyway, I am hoping to have a more Zen kinda day today after a very busy (and expensive) day yesterday.   I bought a new refrigerator.   Gah!!!!    I've been looking for a while and finally got tired of LOOKING at so many different models and manufacturers.   So I bit the bullet and bought the dang thing.   It will be delivered tomorrow.   I do not like buying appliances at all, especially a new refrigerator when ours works fine except for the constant loud ghost noise from the fan.   Seriously, it's been driving me a little more nuts every single day.   And so I will start going back to normal after the new one arrives tomorrow.   

I also bought two pairs of glasses last week and I'm waiting for them.   My prescription had barely changed so my glasses are fine, but I've had them two years and just want another pair.   And my sunglasses hadn't been updated in 4-5 years so I wanted those too.   I have dry eyes and also a prescription that makes contacts a little sketchy for me, so I wear my glasses full time.   Not ideal, but that's the way it is.   And really, there are far worse things to deal with in life.   My eyes are healthy, I am otherwise pretty healthy, so it's not something I worry about.   

I bought a few groceries at Trader Joe's yesterday, getting ready for a small Thanksgiving dinner with just the two of us and one of Erik's daughters.   Yay!   We have never had the girls here for a holiday.   She is a vegetarian so we will just have a simple meal with a roast chicken for the two of us.   We don't need a huge meal, don't really care much about turkey, and so a 5-pound chicken is a good option.   And goes really well with the fresh and DELICIOUS cranberry and orange sauce from Trader Joe's.   Oh man, I eat it by the spoonful as a little treat.   Have you tried it?   You should.

Okay, thanks for sharing my first early morning cup of coffee with me.   The neighbor's dog is barking so I'm sure mine will want to go out soon and get involved in whatever is going on (probably a deer).   Have a very nice Thursday....make it Zen if you can.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012

Ok, Now?

Is this finally a break in the weather?   I think so, judging from the ACCUWeather information looking out to the rest of November.   It was 90 degrees on Tuesday and will be about 58 today.   Seriously, I am going to break out the sweatshirts and not put them away for a while.   I love sweatshirts, I really do.   But they have to be nice sweatshirts, thick with softness that lasts.

I am taking today for some bill paying, other paperwork, maybe some laundry, grocery shopping, and of course horse stuff.   After reading my sister's post, I might actually polish my nails.   We shall see.   I had appointments to take care of this week so with those behind me, I feel I have a free day.

Yes, the election was a huge event this week.   I am so glad it's over, but then I can be glad because my candidate won.   Lots of people are very very angry.   I hope the hate talk dies down soon, but I wonder...

On to other things.   Two of my horses are having some issues that we're working on.   Cooper blew a hoof abcess out his heel and is very very sore.   So he's been laid up and we ended up putting hind shoes on him.   I prefer keeping horses barefoot as much as possible, but when there are issues, I make the decision I think is best.   He's worn front shoes but now we've had to add hinds.   He has moved from a large paddock to a wonderful stall next to Henry.   They are living the life, I tell you!   Henry is having some issues with stumbling which we've been working on for about a month.   Sore heels, deep thrush, new shoeing, also hind shoes, and now we're looking at other things.   It's frustrating to find the horse I think is THE ONE for me, only to have some physical issues that are standing in the way of total enjoyment.   *sigh*    Thinking positive thoughts, it's all we can do until we know.

I had an appointment with my optometrist yesterday.   I try to go once a year but I missed almost a year, so it was time.   My eyes haven't changed...well, just a tiny little bit in one eye....but I wanted new glasses anyway since it's been 2 years with these.   And I haven't updated my prescription sunglasses in about 4 years or more, so I dug deep into my pockets and bought a new pair.   Both new frames should be here in about a week.   Since my current lenses are still good, I will now have two pairs of glasses, and new sunglasses.   I will be so stylin'.

So let's see, reaching the end of the year means I've done annual exam, pap smear, mammogram, bone density scan, skin check, and now eye exam.   It's almost time to start over again, isn't it?   LOL!   

We had a little bit of drizzle this morning.   Erik came in and told me there was a rainbow out back so I tried to get a few photos before it disappeared.   Not so great, but you get the idea.   I hope you have a very nice Friday and great weekend too.   Sending more and more good thoughts to the people on the East Coast, still waiting for relief.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I usually try to go with each day and not let frustration or annoyance creep in.   Once in a great while, however, I have one of those days.   Monday was one of those days and I had a hard time shaking it off.   But I tried.   This little video of my horse, Cooper, helps calm my mind.  I am sure we all need a breather once in a while.   My animals are a great source of peace for me.   One of my favorite sounds is that of a horse eating.   It's hard to explain if you're not a horse person.    If you are, you know what I mean.   It is peaceful.   It is relaxing.   Standing with my horse quiets my mind. 

  My home is a great source of peace for me.   Without question, my sweetheart is a great source of peace for me.   So many things make my life full and I know I've been fortunate.   I still think about the people whose lives have been devastated.   I'm sure they all had days just like I have had.   And I am sure they would give almost anything to have those days back.   And their homes and their sense of peace.   

My hope for those people is they once again - and very soon - find a comfortable place to relax.   

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Need a Giggle

I don't know about all of you, but I really needed a little laughter today.   If you have dogs, you might want to turn down the sound so they don't wonder who's in the house.

Friday, November 2, 2012

November 1st Sunset - Skywatch Friday

Sending out my very best thoughts to those on the East Coast who need clear skies for returning their lives to normal.   So much devastation, so much loss,  it's hard to imagine what they are going through.

Linking to Skywatch Friday

What Have They Done?

Blogger made some changes this week.   I didn't dig in enough to understand them because most, I'm sure, don't apply to my needs...