Friday, April 21, 2017

Check and Check

We have purchased airline tickets to New York City....Check.
We have an Airbnb room all lined up....Check.
Now we have to wait until October.   

I went to New York once, over a weekend, after a business trip to Boston and enroute home.   It was a quick trip and I barely remember anything.   Cab ride, very small hotel room, Broadway, bagels, watching some undercover cops screech to a stop, jump out and grab a guy.   I'm not sure what we'll do this time besides visit Melinda and Pete, the newlyweds and Brooklyn residents.   It's something to look forward to after the hot summer months.   For sure I am imagining the photos I will be able to take in a city so vastly different from where we live.   

It's still Spring and now we've entered into that warming up/wind blowing phase where my allergies kick my backside and I spend more time indoors than I would like.   I drove to Morro Bay one day which was perfect.   Other than that, just routine stuff.   Also, I've spent time online researching places that are not in California for eventual retirement.   Prescott, AZ is looking interesting.   Not too hot, not too cold, pretty landscape, relatively low humidity, 100 miles from Phoenix and all "big city" things that we may need.  I lived in Arizona for 12 years so it feels a bit more familiar to me than other places would.  Too bad they don't have an ocean.    The biggest struggle is how to leave this....

I've mostly known the moves I've made in my life were the right decision at that time.   Thinking back, none of them were made with a whole lot of forethought as the opportunities arose and I acted on them.   Perhaps it's a little too soon to be concerned with details, but that's how my brain works sometimes.   Maybe it's best to bookmark a couple things without checking them off, at least for now.    After all, you never know what might happen between now and the time these lilacs bloom again.   

Have a very nice weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wild About Wildflowers

Some of you may have heard about the wildflower superbloom we have enjoyed here in California after our drought-busting rains.   On Sunday I drove out to Carrizo Plains to see some of it for myself.   Well, for myself and the hundreds of other people who were doing the same thing.   

Miles and miles and miles of flowers.   You cannot imagine.   I'd love to go once more, but oh the winding road and people. might be worth it.   I'd love to get off the beaten path but probably won't.   Being by myself on an unfamiliar back road with sketchy cell service?   No.   I'll just admire all the photos others have taken back in those hills.   You can Google #superbloom or #californiawildflowers or some such thing and enjoy gorgeous photos.   

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

They're So Perfect

I love my lilacs.   I probably post about them every year, but it bears repeating.  The older bush hasn't produced much this year so most of my photos have been of our newer bush which is a deeper color, kind of a raspberry.   The bush is only a few feet tall but it's full of blossoms.  

The colors on my original lilacs vary so much, often having a blue tone.   They are very fragrant and even with fewer blossoms this year, I can smell them in the air when I step outside.

Spring blossoms are so fleeting.   I'd love to have a flower garden that lasts through the Summer, but with our temperatures in the 90s and sometimes over 100, it's just a challenge to keep flowers growing.   We don't have shady areas for planting and the hot summer wind just knocks the poor plants on their backsides.   Our soil is not good for planting either and I'd have to bring in boatloads of dirt.   Maybe someday I'll live somewhere else that's better suited to having a garden.   For now, I just enjoy the little bit of beauty that we have on the lilac bushes.   I found someone else enjoying them too.  

What Have They Done?

Blogger made some changes this week.   I didn't dig in enough to understand them because most, I'm sure, don't apply to my needs...