Tuesday, June 20, 2017

My Online Life

It's become more and more about online shopping for me.   And mostly Amazon.   You can find almost anything by shopping on Amazon and with a Prime membership, the shipping is free.   I am now using it for everything from good quality white crew socks that I can't find anywhere locally, to the HVAC filters that our local HVAC service company seriously over prices.   They charge TWICE what I just paid online.  

I'm sorry for the retailers that have found their sales dropping off over the years, and all the people that have worked in retail.   I shopped locally and still do for some things, but as the inventories have declined, I often don't find what I want.   I still like Target.   I still try to shop at our local tack store, but as I have what I need, I rarely go there anymore either.   I purchase shoes locally because I wouldn't attempt to buy them online.   I must try on shoes.  

I recently discovered through Facebook that Kate Spade was offering a 75% off sale.   What???   I rushed right over and made my purchase because I had to.   I would never have found that sale had it not been for FB.   Now I'm thinking I should start following other retailers on FB because you can find things you otherwise wouldn't.   And isn't that the point?   They lure you in on FB, you make a purchase, they start sending you all their other deals that may or may not be fabulous prices.   I unsubscribe soon after my purchase.   If I need them, I will find them.   But how much money did I save by finding that special sale?   Well, I really DID need a new colorful handbag for summer.   *big smile*

My idea of wonderful would be if Jeff Bezos, new owner of Whole Foods, would expand that to include affordable online grocery shopping with delivery here, 20+ miles away from the nearest store.   The ultimate in luxury, right?   It's not coming to my neighborhood anytime soon, but still....I would love that.  

I didn't end up going out for a drapery rod yesterday because it got too hot after I rode Beau and took care of his sores.   If I had bought them online, they would be delivered soon and I wouldn't even have to think about it.   I'm liking my online life more and more.


Monday, June 19, 2017

Cold and Now Hot

Everything was going along just fine and then I was hit with a summer cold.   I rarely get sick enough that I just don't want to do anything, but for a few days I had zero energy.   Then as cold tend to do, it moved around from my head to my chest and I started coughing.   Mucinex, nightly cough medicine, and eventually the cold moved out.   I still have a bit of coughing but I think I can attribute that to the hot dry time of year and my asthma.   

Anyway....didn't get much exercise for over a week and once I started back?   Wham, a heat wave!   I have to say, I was irritable on Saturday.   Besides being hot, my horse's condition called Scratches flared up and I'm having to treat that twice a day.   You can Google it if you want to know.   Being in the barn when it's about 100 degrees and cleaning a horse's painful scabs is zero fun.   The Giants keep losing and losing so I didn't have that to feel good about.   I worry about the chickens when it's so hot.   And what else?   Oh yes, I was watching a nest camera of some Ospreys in Montana.   Because of bad fishing conditions and attacks by another Osprey (rare) looking for food on the nest, they were unable to feed their chicks and they died of starvation.

I had to get all that off my chest because today is a new day.   Maybe you can understand why I haven't blogged.    

I'm going to be more productive the rest of the week.   We need a shade or curtains on the west window of the bedroom.   This time of year the sun hits it directly in the late afternoon/early evening.   We have faux wood off white blinds throughout our house and they just don't offer enough in that room, this time of year.   I think I'll go in search of something to put over the blinds in that window.   Not anything too dark.   I don't like dark curtains/drapes in my house.  My house isn't big enough to carry anything dark and heavy.   I'll head to Pier One, Target and possibly Lowe's to see what I can find.    I bought some curtains a few years ago for another room that I think would be perfect.   Truth is, I don't know where they are.   We didn't use them, we put them somewhere, and I have no idea where that "somewhere" is.   Tucking things away for a possible use at another time?   Never a good idea.   

Okay then.   This is how I'm starting a new week with a new attitude.   Life is too short to be crabby for very long, isn't it?   

Thanks for stopping by.  

This is my view driving back from the barn every day.   Pretty cool, isn't it?

UPDATE:   I found the curtains tucked away in a closet!!!!

What Have They Done?

Blogger made some changes this week.   I didn't dig in enough to understand them because most, I'm sure, don't apply to my needs...