Colors Galore

Flowers have been bursting with color this Spring.   We had an abundance of rain here on the Central Coast and Mother Nature put on a show for us after many gray days during our Winter season.   I've shared these on social media and thought I'd put some here before I file them away.   As happens every year, the blossoms are fading and leaving behind only memories of how beautiful they are.   

Since I've lived here, I've never had such a show of wildflowers on our property.   I've seen a few scattered around in past years but this year I had my own garden.   I've read that our wildflowers depend not only on the amount of rain but also when the rains begin, how long they last, and I suppose other factors.   This year those factors all came together just right.   

See the little dog?   We got him from a shelter a few weeks ago.   His name is Oscar and we just love him.   He has added a lot of energy and joy to our home.   

I have many more photos of our crabapple blossoms and lilacs to share another day.   As our hills turn brown again, I'm glad to have the photographic memories of all this gorgeous color.   

Thanks for visiting.


This N That said…
So glad you got another dog!! Your flowers are gorgeous..Happy Spring..
Flowers are glorious and your new dog seems to like them also.
Megy Maia said…
As flores dão de uma beleza estonteante.
Bela captura.
Sorisos de luz.
Megy Maia
Yang Dodu said…

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Cielo said…
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Shilpa said…
You have a very beautiful blog
Love these flowers! Thanks for sharing the photos.
R's Rue said…
Beautiful photos. Love the flowers. Have a great weekend.

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