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Enough of the birds and beach and butterflies.   I actually have an Autumn-like photo from our town that I took the other day.   Good thing, because the winds were coming up late yesterday and we all know that means the leaves will be gone before you know it.  

On the theme of Orange....weren't we talking about that?   We bought some persimmons at the farmers market last weekend.   Have you ever tried persimmons?   They have a very nice, not too sweet, flavor.   They aren't very big so it's not like sitting down (or standing) to eat an apple.   I think they would be very good in my favorite yogurt, but I've just been slicing them and eating them while standing at the kitchen window and watching my hummingbirds.   If we ever get rain, I'd like to plant a persimmon tree.   

On the theme of fruit....yes we were talking about that.   My massage therapist brought in some pomegranates the other day and showed me a much easier way to get out the seeds.   So instead of feeding all the poms to my chickens, who have decided this year that they like them,  I am going to enjoy a few for myself.   We already gave quite a few of them away and I need to get more off the tree before they rot and fall on the ground.   We need another pomegranate tree too.   

Well, I was going to think of something else to say, but my starving donkeys are calling me for breakfast.   Yes, at 6am.   This time change hasn't settled in around our place.   I'm still having a hard time staying awake for my 9-10pm favorites on TV.   I missed Grey's Anatomy again last night!   

Off I go.   Have a very nice Friday!


TexWisGirl said…
i like your new header and that autumn shot, too.
shirley said…
I wish we had pomegranates growing on trees outside! But I know that persimmon trees do survive our Zone 6 temperatures.
I like the views of your town!
Terri Buster said…
My grandma used to make persimmon jam...I never liked it, but I am persnickety about my jams. LOL! I love your new header!
Hi Denise. Your autumn shot looks great. have a wonderful weekend.
bobbybegood1 said…
Never had a persimmon. I think they are native to Japan? Or somewheres in Asia. Been aiming to try one one day. Love pomergrantes. Sweet/tart all at the same time. Wonderful pic. Cheers!!
Missy George said…
I have a hard time making it thru the 10 o'clock programs...makes me mad!!!
Michelle said…
That header shot is just stunning!
We have a persimmon tree. I have never tried the fruit, but Izzy enjoys the hell out of them!
Lynne said…
I like thoughts of pomegranates and would appreciate knowing the tricks to cutting, eating them.

I live your header photo . . . enticing . . . in a very pleasant way for sure!
Madge Bloom said…
Love that new header, and I don't think I've ever eaten either a pom or a persimmon... perhaps this season?
Love your header shot! And would you believe that I've never tried a persimmon or pomegranate--I know, crazy right?

PS: I haven't been able to stay up much past 9 this past week, so you're not alone!
Nancy Claeys said…
I'm seeing poms at the store at a reasonable price -- but haven't bought any yet.

I'm still going to bed early and getting up early -- just can't adjust yet.
untitledpress said…
So that's what a pomegranate tree looks like. Thanks for sharing, cuz I had always wondered (but kept forgetting to google it).

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