Ever Changing....

We have amazing sunsets here on the Central Coast. I probably have a thousand sunset photos from the past couple of years. As such, I only pick and choose a few to edit and post online. This is a recent sunset from September. I haven't changed the colors, they are truly this beautiful.


CountryDew said…
Very lovely! And WELCOME to the wonderful world of blogging. I look forward to seeing what all you have to share. Peace to you, today and always.
Ooh, make them bigger!
oldgreymare said…
Welcome and yes, have your sister show you how to make the photos larger. We all love large photos.
I hope you'll be happy in blogland... wonderful adventures await.

rottrover said…
Well, just came over from Di's. I live in California, too -- just further south! Welcome to blogging! I've really enjoyed it. I hope you do, too!!
Looking forward to reading your blog. Welcome to bloggy land.
Gone Country said…
Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! You will meet some truly great people and will even learn a few things!

Great photo! I agree with the others... bigger is better! Looking forward to more!
Lili said…
Just came over from wasting time with your sister and wow, that is a gorgeous capture. Welcome, you are off to a great start! ~Lili
Pam said…
What a heavenly Autumn sky. I can almost smell drying leaves in the air.

That is one gorgeous sunset! Lucky you!
xo, misha
Country Girl said…
Welcome to BlogLand. Lovely photos here and a sense of quiet.
Rosie said…
Hi, stopped over from Di's....beautiful sunset!

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