Awesome Blossom

Have you ever eaten at Chili's?   We have them here on the West Coast but I don't know about other areas of the country.   If you want something really good and really BAD FOR YOU, the Awesome Blossom is a huge onion, deep fried, and served with delicious dipping sauce.   This is a rather bad photo that I took off the Internet.   But you get the idea.

I don't eat at Chili's anymore because I really don't like a lot of their food....and it's so unhealthy.   But taking photos today of my chickens, I thought this girl's butt looked like the Awesome Blossom.

Isn't it pretty?     That's how my mind works sometimes:-)

I hope you're having a nice weekend.


A bit similar in color, but she is SO much prettier... Rhode Island Red??
TexWisGirl said…
ha ha! that is funny and pretty clever!
Karen said…
Ask me how much I Love those Awesome Blossoms!...
Gone Country said…
Hahaha! It does look like it!

I love both the Awesome Blossom and the Blooming Onion (at Outback Steakhouse)... yumm! Fortunately for my girlie figure that I'm constantly trying to maintain *sigh*, I rarely get to either place!
Hi.... just saying Hello this morning... gotta run, so busy with family here, but I DO LOVE this post!!

Kerri said…
Now that is one AWESOME blossom! What a great shot! And I love how your mind works!
Yes, very pretty. :)

I love your blog header - I'm sure your sis did it for you - she's really good at that. I love the synchronized itching photo! :)

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